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Franciscan Order - I) Franciscan Values

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MessagePosté le: Ven Nov 06, 2009 4:42 pm    Sujet du message: Franciscan Order - I) Franciscan Values Répondre en citant

I) The Franciscan Values

All members of the Order shall apply these values. They are our identity, our pride, and originality. To adopt these principle is the only requisite to enter and stay in the Order of the minor brothers. They came from the old scrolls of St Francis found by Brother Nico.

A) The OOC Values

* A player behind a Franciscan Brother/sister likes realistic and historical atmosphere in RK


This is a primary rule.We stand for historical realism and wish to avoid possible drift to fantasy and unhistorical factors. We do not want the RK Universe and atmosphere to go awry, and that’s why we try to make players live in a XVth century medieval atmosphere, referring to our own knowledge of History or knowledge that the community can provide. Everything is in the good balance between History and Pleasure in the Game, between medieval atmosphere and the game, both being necessary.
The Church manage to find this balance with the Aristotelian Dogma. Anachronism and fiction are only acceptable if they attend playability, otherwise they harm the medieval atmosphere of RK. (Players behind)Franciscans defend a medieval RP.
(Players behind) Franciscans support historical and original models, (Players behind) franciscans with temporal powers (Third Order) are encouraged to participate in this unique, pleasant and historical universe.

Practical actions: Use historical RP. Make other players sensitive. Fight and avoid anachronisms. Bring medieval informations. Support other groups who respect historical realism. Study IRL XVth century Etc…

*I, franciscan brother/sister, in order to distinguish the game and IRL, and to give preference to imagination and creation, respect the Franciscan theology within the Aristotelian dogma. As such I recognise the Aristotelian dogma including Aristotle and Christos.


Region in RK, before beeing aristotelian, was christian. The evolution of the game did not allow to continue with Christian religion for 2 reasons :

- the game creators did not want a religion based on reality, but on historical realism. The form of the Church would be kept but the substance would be modified (integrating Aristotle philosophy). The ingame coding was modified accordingly.

- There were more and more drifts, many thought they were playing their own beliefs and IRL religions, which was a problem. There are thousands of players and all are not able to play moderately a IRL religion. To do so it was necessary to found a new religion with these commands as foundation for the new dogma:

1) The coding must integrate Aristotelian precepts and Christian elements (church, mass…)We should concentrate on the game and nothing else.
Note of translator: Osmanli Imparatorlugu was coded after

2) We do not start from the Christian Bible, but from a white page on which we write elements of christianism and Aristotle.

3) Imagination and Creation without references are then important.

4)The dogma should give the reader the feeling to live in a medieval atmosphere and to allow good historical and medieval RP. The Bible in the RK (The Book of Virtues) take roots in the IRL bible (either in the great events like genesis, relation between man and God (Jah), apocalypse, archangels, Christos… etc.)

5) Style should be clear and limpid, texts attractive and humoristic. The reader should take pleasure in reading for this RP religion to be better integrated.

6) Nevertheless, original and complex theological principles are wished for in order to satisfy the most erudite.

7) Everything should of course be in coherence with the Official Aristotelian Dogma.

Practical actions : participate to the Myth creation, to the Aristotelian History and the Aristotelian Dogma withing the Saint Office Congregation. Spread and explain those OOC values in RK.

B) The RP values

*I, franciscan brother/sister bring Aristotelian Friendship to all children of God and specificaly to franciscans, keeping a necessary unity and brotherhood.


Franciscans try to be very involved, courteous, fraternal between each other. They should look for quality like wisdom and temperance. Let us take the time, let us see in the long run, and above all let us be cautious in our deeds in order to avoid inconsiderate haste and mistakes. Wisdom will follow.And don’t forget this ancient motto : « The Order above all ». Franciscans have a reputation to be very united. Whatever the position you hold, you are first and foremost a Franciscan Brother/Sister. Practical Actions : Let us show to all the solidity of our friendship. Let us seek good relations above all, let us not be contemptuous. Goodness is a quality. Let us have as many support and friends as possible. Let us spread a good idea of us . Let us display our loyalty to authorities and let us fight any criminal or heretical organization etc..

*I, franciscan brother/sister, am a faithful of the Universal Roman Aristotelian Church and its hierarchy.


We are the children of the Aristotelian Church.The respect of the church must be total, the order and hierarchy of the Church is an order decided by God, it is the terrestrial City mirror of the celestial City. Franciscans are very involved in the Church as Clergy or Laics, and build a honourable efficient and strong institution.Practical Actions: Help other clerics in your province while joining the clergy: as deacon, priest, vicar or diocesan council members. Respect the Canon Law and the Hierarchy. Support the franciscans clergy brothers/sisters in their works and moves. Etc…

* I, franciscan brother/sister am a charitable beeing sharing its bread.

When created, the first task of the Order was to bring help and comfort to the vagrants and the poors. Saint Francis has himself devoted his life to the lepers. Several actions shall be undertaken for the foresaken. Franciscans are charitable souls helping the poors. We give advises and bring help to all. It requires an individual stand, but also joined actions, with the foundation of brother/sisterhoods dedicated to help the poors. Practical actions : Hire vagrants without skills requisites, with wages higher from the mine wages by 1 or 2 £. Donate to the beggars in the church. Sell products at low prices. Inform and help all lost souls. Be the Mentor of your town. Found charity brother/sisterhoods (sponsorship, help to the vagrants, donation). Give your Trust only to vagrants.

*I , franciscan brother/sister , love knowledge.

The seek for Truth is a credo of our Order. Knowledge is much valued, as well the game mechanics and events, as the knowledge of Middle age. The University’s forum and the Library’s forum are the core of knowledge. The Library of the Order should be extended as much as possible with the participation of all the brothers/sisters.Practical Actions : Be the Rector of your University, Write Books and contributions in the forum’s Library of the Kingdoms. Update the Books/manuals in the Library of the Kingdoms. Update the list of existing books/contributions. Write books and contributions for the Library of the Order. Archive in the Order’s Library religious ceremonies . Write politics guide (Third Order). Etc.

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