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Dogma: Hagiography of Archangel Galadrielle

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This text is a translation of an ancient scroll found there ten years in an old library on a Greek island. Its author is unknown and translation required many hours of work because of ill parchment to his discovery.

Hagiography of Saint Archangel Galadrielle


Galadrielle was born in troubled times in which the City of Oanylone was declining into sin. Her family were among those who claimed to be the strongest. They controlled the trade of cows thus ensuring their superiority over others. They were barricaded in a big house on a hillside overlooking the city of Oanylone. Galadrielle, being raised in an era of ongoing conflict and sin, remained confined in her attic bedroom and grew tired of her house. Galadrielle was a simple child who never asked for anything merely what was offered to her. She knew nothing of God during the early part of her childhood. She was told only the history of their town, where they represented Oane as a powerful man. Soon, she was rejected by her brothers and sisters as being too weak. Upset, she often found herself alone and was given only two meals for lunch and dinner.

However one day everything changed for her. A servant came to bring her the usual lunchtime meal, but as he was handing the meal over the lantern he carried fell and rolled toward the dark corner of her attic bedroom. There the light revealed to Galadrielle a stack of books she had never seen. Where they had come from is not known. Beside the books was a small lamp and a tinderbox to light the flame. Slowly she learned to read and, alone in her attic she read many of the other books she found. One day she finished reading a book on medicinal plants and she wanted something else to study. She found an old set of parchments, very worn, with many torn and faded pages. It was called "The Guide". These parchments told the story of Oane and the creation of the city and thus Galadrielle discovered the existence of God. From that day she prayed every day, and on Sundays prayed more to commune with God, just like the people used to do over Oane's tomb in the Guide.


One day a loud crash woke her. The house was under attack. The Vice and corruption in the city was reaching its climax with the depravity and violence leading to many deaths over small trivial things. The rioting was expanding from the city and had reached the home of Galadrielle's family. It was time for her family to pay the price for forgetting God and his love. Her family and household were massacred, women raped before being murdered or gutted. Galadrielle, hidden in her attic prayed during the time of the attack, and all the time while the house was being looted. After several days, in which she did not eat but spent her time praying and reading holed up in her attic she finally emerged. The house was ransacked, there was nothing left, everything had been picked and then destroyed. She escaped into the mountains where she survived for a time before returning to the city. She found like people who still believed in God and love. She helped them as she could, eating and drinking little, keeping nothing for herself other than a simple old dress. During this time she served the poor and the weak, showing the most generosity possible, and her humility was recognized by all those who were with her.


It was Then that God spoke to the people of Oanylone announcing the imminent destruction of the city. The seven Lords of Vice (the Daemon Princes) appeared and took control over parts of the city for their rebellion against God.

Galadrielle was in the opposite camp, those who still believed in the Almighty, in His love and acknowledged the sins of men with humility. During the six days of destruction, Galadrielle prayed with Raphaelle Michel, Sylphaël, Gabriel, George and Miguaël as well as the handful of men and women who followed. During these six days God spoke to her twice.

The first time a woman was dying for lack of food. He said: -
- Galadriel, among the seven people who embody the highest virtues, you're the one who has the least, and have never felt the need for possessions. Help this woman, prove to me your frugality and conservatism , and you will be rewarded.

During the next two days Galadrielle ate only part of a loaf of bread, leaving the rest of her ration to the woman, who was saved because of this.

On the third day God spoke again and said to Galadrielle like the first time: -

Galadrielle, among the seven people who embody the highest virtues you're the one who has the least and have never felt the need for possesiions. If you offer to your companions all you possess to prove to me that you embody the conservatism and frugality, and you will be rewarded.

Galadrielle then gave everything she had, even her dress, but nonetheless she kept it still at the request of a midwife. Galadrielle ate each day, relying on the friendship of her companions to share food with her.

On the seventh day, the ground rent itself open, flames came out of the earth and the whole city was engulfed. Galadrielle, and her six companions had fled with their disciplines onto a nearby hill where they witnessed the cataclysm. That's when the light fell on them. Galadrielle, Raphaelle Michel, Sylphaël, Gabriel, George and Miguaël had the honor of being called archangels for humility and virtue they all their followers were incarnated as angels because they had also proven their desire for repentance and love for God.


And so it was that Galadrielle became an Archangel. Her her humility, frugality and conservatism embodied one of the seven virtues and Galadrielle became one of seven seconds to God whose mission it was to help people whenever it is was possible, as well as to battle the Creature with no name. Galadrielle pursued these missions zealously that God had given her.

During the early days, until the birth of Aristotle, she battled paganism and the works of the nameless one, without being directly involved. There were so few true followers calling for help, as paganism engulfed the humans. But the birth of the Prophet changed many things, it inspired so many people to follow the path of conservatism. With each prayer addressed to her she descended to the earth to grant pardon and assist. Such had the nature of many men become that she never ceased in the struggle against the greedy.

A day came when she was called to Earth by a young boy who asked for her help. Galadrielle appeared before the the child, who had been crying and praying alone on his bed in a large lavishly furnished room. She appeared to the boy as a beautiful woman, with long blond hair wearing a simple white linen dress revealing her immaculate shape, with two wings on her back, and all the while radiating pure light. She spoke thus to the boy -
I Galadrielle, Archangel of Conservatism, you called me for help and I have answered your call, tell me how I can help you.

The boy, who was moved by the beauty and purity of Galadrielle replied:

My father, the king of the land, is forcing me to eat and drink like a warrior because he says I'm too puny. But I do not want to eat and drink these things and all these wines as he and his court do

Galadrielle then shook her head and slowly floated into the air saying to the boy " your wish shall be granted"
And she then vanished in the sky between two clouds.

The next day the King's warehouses were found to be empty, and the King unable to live without gorging on his food daily, passed away that very day. The boy became King and through his leadership, no one ever became overweight in his Kingdom. *

There came a day when God asked Galadrielle personally to accomplish a mission for him. He summoned her and she appeared to him with humility and he said -

Galadrielle, I want you to do a special mission for me. You are to go to the forgotten lands, where the ruins of Oanylone and your home are and I want you to bring me back the Crown of the Nameless Creature.

Galadrielle then went on a long journey. The location of the forgotten lands were known to no man, for they had fled without looking back and their memories had dimmed. But the angels knew the location and that it could only be accessed by flying. There were miles and miles of arid black earth, without any life and no water at all. No one could traverse that distance on foot.

When Galadrielle reached the site of Oanylone, she found the ruins beside a large crevasse. For days she looked around for the crown of the Nameless Creature without success. Galadrielle was becoming desperate, as she did not want to go back to the paradise of the sun and tell God of her failure. Just then, the sound of cracking came out of the huge crevasse and a cavern opened. Galadrielle then realized the Crown may have slipped into the crevasse or one of the caverns. She dove in, lighting her way with the divine light that as an Archangel she radiated.

Deep in the cavern, on a pedestal surrounded by lava she found the crown. It was huge, made of gold and set with so many gems it testified to the pride, greed and gluttony of the Nameless Creature. Galadrielle then took the crown and went out of the cavern but was attacked by the nameless creature itself. The Nameless Creature wrapped her in blackness and they fought for seven days with neither the light of Galadrielle nor the darkness of the Nameless One triumphing.

That's when Michael, the Archangel of Justice came to help Galadrielle. Michael pierced the Nameless Creature with his lance causing the nameless creature to flee in fright. He then helped bring Galadrielle and the Crown to heaven, where God destroyed the object, a symbol of lust that typified what was wrong with the Nameless Creature. God then granted Galadrielle with the divine grace for her fight against the Nameless Creature.

Translated from the Greek by Arilan Louvois, Theologian of the Holy Roman office. Translated to english by Teagan

* - some research suggests the name of he boy who became King was Craig Jenny.

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