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[Dogma] Demonography of Azazel

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MessagePosté le: Lun Fév 11, 2019 1:03 am    Sujet du message: [Dogma] Demonography of Azazel Répondre en citant

Demonography of Azazel

His Arrival to the World, already a Rupture

Azazel came into the world at Oanylone, which a long time before had become a prosperous city. Its inhabitants began to live richly and, without completely turning away from the Most High, the first fruits of its fall inevitably appeared. His parents, who were in their forties, decided to have a child in the same way that they would decide to buy something. Without children for almost 22 years, on a flash of inspiration, the two spouses, Céline and Rene, turn towards a pregnant woman and offered to adopt her young child, making her believe that it would be a much better environment at their home. The young woman, whose father had fled with a beautiful seductress, eventually gave in and accepted at the request of the couple. Thus, Azazel, born poor, went to live in luxury and opulence, surrounded by demanding parents but not a true parental love.

Azazel was quickly left on his own. Nothing forbidden ... except not to disturb his parents. In exchange? Access to everything, yes to everything. The child king enjoyed no limits. From a puny nature at birth, Azazel had become unrecognizable. He was soon known for his early stoutness which earned him the nickname 'the greedy'. His height imposed fear within his companions. His overall roundness, his fat and puffy fingers, surprised everyone who saw him. His smile and his eyes were hard to stand for whomever approached him that much; they disengaged with enmity and disdain.

He was difficult to be around with friends in this situation. However, Azazel cultivated his loneliness and his rudeness. The eyes of others left him indifferent. He even added some. And when he decided differently, one should not be in his way. The more Azazel grew, the more his strength increased tenfold over the years. As a teenager, he already possessed a herculean strength. On the other hand, the little time spent to educate him made him stupid and lazy.

Acedia reigned supreme within the household. The consequences were disastrous for Azazel. He only heard about the Most High and Oane very late. That was why he did not understand why the Most High created the world and installed the humans as his favorite species. He strove to affirm to anyone who would listen that the Most High had been unjust to his sheep. He could not identify perversion, mockery, and sadism with his eyes as the temptations were numerous.

Contempt and renunciation of faith and the principles of virtue.

One day, when Azazel was doing his main business, eating and drinking at a stall, he met a servant of Oane. The latter was stunned to see such an energetic act in this way:

Servant of Oane : "My young friend, can I join your table?"

Azazel : "Do so, dear friend, and serve yourself"

Servant of Oane : « Thank you. But I just had lunch, and that's enough for me. »

Azazel : "And your pleasure? Take and enjoy. These are delicious dishes."

Servant of Oane : « My child, do you not want to repent from the weakness you show? Know that gluttony will break the bonds that unite men and women»

Azazel : "Repentance? What a deal for so few benefits. Look around you; everyone goes about their business without worrying about others, and you, you allow yourself to make a judgment on my appetite. What a waste of time!»

Servant of Oane: "There is no waste of time here, your moderation depends on your future in the kingdom of the Most High."

Azazel : "You seem to forget something, My servant. The kingdom of the Most High is temperance and moderation and, well, I do not want it.

As soon as I get up, I want to be able to eat as I please. All day long, I want to wallow in the food in quantity and so much so that once satiated I still have room for the pleasure of eating. The desire, the joy it gives me, is enough for me."

Servant of Oane: "But,…"

Azazel : "It is enough. You annoy me and I do not want to spoil my pleasure to listen to your nonsense.”

Servant of Oane: "The mercy and patience of the Most High has its limits which you have just crossed. I guess in you the future turns darkest and tortured.

Azazel : And although it is like this: This world and these principles to which I aspire please me. And, believe me, it will please more than one. Your Most High can not be very cautious about such thing. But, by the way, when you meet him, tell him that my table is reserved for him ...

And the faithful retreated to go to join his brothers. Among these brothers were a certain George and a young girl Galadrielle. "I tell you my friends... Oanylone sees its last moments. The Most High can not let these beings act in this way any longer. It can not be this way. It's inconceivable. The gluttony I have just witnessed has convinced me of this idea, if I have ever had any doubts."

The servant of the nameless Beast.

At the death of his parents, Azazel inherited a considerable fortune. It did not take much for this young man to live a life of debauchery and corruption. The festivities he organized were sumptuous and all the young bourgeois of the city were present. There were some for all the vices and all the debauches.They had a real orgy there and, the more time passed, the longer they went on into the night and the days that followed.

The food and the wine were in abundance, men and women satiated their most vile desires. Anyone trying to act with modesty, abstinence, and rationality fell in public vengeance. They suffered the wrath of these beings every moment of their lives.This harassment broke the weakest. Only a few faithful resisted. This young, reproachable Azazel was reluctant to cultivate and educate himself so much that the universities were emptying more and more.
The work which was a synonym for slavery was hated and uninspiring only shaming to those who continued to live in virtue. At the slightest desire, Azazel and his disciples were using, or should we say stealing, everything along their way.
As the instigators of evil progressively undermined them, it was logical that they united to install a climate of sins.

The fight and the decay

The Most High launched his anger against the city and the servants of Evil. The battle lasted seven days. The fight was rough and initially uneven. But, overestimating their strength, the evil ones first lost some fights and, finally, the battle.
Azazel, in this fight, did honor to his titanic strength. Each coup was badly worn by the servants of the omnipotent. His fury and anger were equal to his valor in combat and his hatred of those pious "knights“ of good.
The fight would have been favorable to Azazel if his men, filled with fear and cowardice, had not betrayed him when they saw the seven future archangels heading towards him. Abandoned by all, Azazel continued the struggle, and it was only on the sixth day that he bent. Using the chains forged by the Most High himself, the prince of gluttony was presented to the Creator...

Azazel : great butler and sommelier of hell.

Azazel, defeated, was presented towards the Most High. The glutton did not show any humility and it was with insolence that he looked right into the eyes of the merciful.

"Me repent? Listen to me, oh so glorious, most grand. I come to you defeated and beaten. The victory today belongs to you. But even if I would return back, I will fight for the creature without name. The loser wishes you to savor your victory because I tell you, I will never abdicate. My fight alongside what you call evil is my destiny and my good pleasure. And if you are not convinced yet, then hear this:
I deny you who claims to be our God, our superior.
I believe in you as creator of heaven and earth.
I denounce and wish to claim your fall.
Because there can be no judge.

I promise fidelity to my hatred and my fight against your will.
I aspire to a world of freedom where everyone acts as he sees fit.
I renounce your values that constrain us and alienate us.
I call for rebellion against your will.

May your servants turn their backs on you.
May their eyes open to your message, your lie.
May all see your delusion and your manipulation.
Oh, I promise you, here, before You, to fight to destroy you.

At these words, the Mist High stood up and, with all his greatness and magnificence, he sent Azazel to the moon.

On the moon, since his fall, Azazel saw his body change to take a very particular form. He was nothing more than a huge mass of evil. Grand sommelier and butler, he makes sure that the souls of the fallen souls are thirsty.

Translated by Caillen Jolieen MacKinnon Rose, reviewed and finalized by Conradh MacKinnon


Bishop In Partibus of Lamia
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Inscrit le: 28 Mai 2018
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Bishop In Partibus of Lamia
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