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[EN] Demonography of Lucifer

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MessagePosté le: Lun Fév 25, 2019 10:41 pm    Sujet du message: [EN] Demonography of Lucifer Répondre en citant

Demonography of Lucifer

The birth of an ideal child

A long time ago, in a small village a few miles south of Oanylone, a happy wife and husband, happy in love and content with the little they had, gave birth to a little one who they named Lucifer. Both parents, Lucie and Ferdinand, lived in happiness, they did not roll in the gold but the output of their cattle was enough to feed them. They had always desired to have a son, and on this memorable day of joy, all their wishes were exalted. This is how Lucifer began his life, in the most cherished love and in the protection of two loving parents dedicated to his greatest care.

Lucifer grew up too fast for his parents taste, but nothing had disturbed the perfect family balance that had developed with his arrival and Ferdinand was always praising the kindness and benevolence of his son. Lucie was full of praise for his ability and finesse. His father and mother were so proud to have given birth to his little boy so wise, so loving that they did not cease to rave about him. It was when he was a teenager that they realized that Lucifer would be destined for a great destiny.

Lucifer's young friends were always happy to spend time with him, he was good company and had the confidence of many. He always had the praise of those he met and his parents had saved their last penny to allow him to have a proper education. Ferdinand always said he did not want his son to be a simple peasant and had the sweetest dreams about him, Lucie shared the same vision and both gave what they had to their son. Lucifer was honest, really good, benevolent, and a true friend; he put into practice all the love he had received from others. A noble knight, Calistan, who reigned over a remote area of the village, heard of this child so well depicted by rumor. He decided to meet him and make sure that he had not been told fantasies. Throughout the village, he questioned the inhabitants and all answered him the same thing:

"Lucifer the good? You'll recognize him, he's a handsome young man with a kindly look. You can not fail to notice him."

The brave knight was soon to meet the young man's loving gaze, he didn’t have to ask him if he was Lucifer because the boy's eyes could not lie about his reputation. He offered to go together to see his parents because he wanted to offer him a bright future. Calistan explained to Lucifer that he had been looking for a young squire for a long time; he wanted him to be fair and brave, good and honest, and the reputation of the young man had attracted him so far. Thus, he proposed to Ferdinand and Lucie to take the young adonis with him in order to teach him chivalry, which all three accepted without even blinking.

Learning about virtue and faith

Lucifer accompanied the knight in his field for an apprenticeship that would last for many years. He was first appointed squire in a ceremony led by a spiritual guide and committed to serve his new master, to respect the values of chivalry and to always live in virtue. Calistan had given himself the duty to make this young man a great knight and, to start, he told him about Oane :

Calistan : "My young friend, do you know Oane?"

Lucifer : "He is the founder of the great city of Oanylone, no?"

Calistan : Not only my dear, he is a great figure of our would because it is thanks to him that we have a soul! I will tell you his story..."

And Calistan told him the story of men, how they felt abandoned by god and how they thought they were deprived of talent, how they thought they were put aside; because of the inferiority they imagined themselves victims. He told how god had gathered his creations and the question he asked. He explained how a creature came forward and gave his answer, then how god ordered Oane to give him another. Finally, the knight revealed what were the words of Oane who gave us the status of children of the Most High. Lucifer was speechless before this man who had known the world, he himself shared this vision for a long time. He had never really understood what it was about, but Lucifer was sure of it, now that he had found the words to describe how he felt. Calistan then told him how Oane, who became a spiritual guide, led the men into a great plain after many years of travel. He chained this story by describing Oane's death and his acceptance of it, and ended with the creation of Oanylone and the worship devoted to Oane by those who worshiped the Most High. Lucifer was so seduced and touched that he sought to deepen his knowledge of Oane and the dawn of mankind for many years, in addition to his work as a squire serving his knight.

The young squire was in unflinching servitude to Calistan and never made trouble, not only to give him the places of honor in all places but also to obey him or to wear his shield. This great subordination was to enable him to embrace the desire to render himself worthy of chivalry by his actions of valor and good conduct, but also by virtue, essential to make a perfect knight. Lucifer revered the Most High and shared this devotion with his knight, while he understood the meaning of life and prayed fervently, he trained in combat and the handling of weapons. His apprenticeship was long and difficult, for more than seven years he worked hard, behaved like a perfect knight and for all his preceptors he was a gifted pupil. One day, while he was talking to his master he questioned him:

Lucifer : "Master, if the meaning of life is love and if we are all equal before the Most High, why do we train to fight? Shouldn't we explain the will of god? Share our love under all circumstances?"

Calistan : "My young squire, god loves us and we love him, but He left us the choice to understand that, and therefore, to refuse this state of affairs! He also left us with the creature who gave the first answer to tempt us and allow us to make a free choice. Also many unfortunately follow the precepts of this infamous creature."

Lucifer : "But, in this case, shouldn't we be content to kill the creature?"

Calistan : "No, my young squire, to kill him would be to ignore god's will and above all, it would impose the love to the Most High by force. It is essential to understand how He loves us and how we should love Him in return."

The two of them thus recounted and Calistan explained why the knight was to defend justice, honor, and bravery, he made him understand in what way a true knight should protect the weak and wring the neck of injustice. Thus, they discussed again and again in all the time that Lucifer accompanied his master. To finish his teaching, after ten long years of learning at the rank of squire in the service of the knight, the latter took him leagues from his estate to see the city of Oanylone they had talked about so much. The young man was very far from imagining what Calistan had reserved for him.

The chivalry and glory of god

Calistan and Lucifer rode to the foothills of the city of Oanylone, already greatly tainted by vice and sin. When the knight had told the story of this city, he had not forgotten to specify what it had become and how the marauders and other clowns sometimes made law. Lucifer was stunned by the imposing city, his eyes were marveling at the symbol it represented and he felt deep inside him the desire to restore this place to its legendary splendor.

Calistan took Lucifer to Oane's tomb where those who were formerly priests began a grand ceremony. The knight considered that he had nothing more to teach to the young man, who had become reason and force, Lucifer who was twenty-five years old was thus dubbed Knight by Calistan. The latter offered him the lands he owned in Oanylone and a sizeable nest egg with the mission to right the wrongs of this city with such a brilliant past. Lucifer felt then invested with a divine mission and was for the first time proud of what he had accomplished so far.

Sir Lucifer settled his fief in the area that had been given to him, he preached in the city to find men and women wishing to accompany him in his desire to restore the coat of arms of Oanylone, his presence and his great qualities added to his virtue and his faith, enabled him to convince many more souls than he thought. Lucifer thus founded the Order of the Righteous of Oane and undertook to defend justice, protect the weak, and fight misery by all the means at his disposal. In a few months, he became an inescapable figure in the city, fleeing the brigands and provoking the admiration of the powerful. He was received by the very leaders of Oanylone who gave him a blank check to correct the wrongs. His men spread the story of Oane and explained the meaning of life while he, armed with his courage, fought to make better the bad men he encountered. Lucifer never made reckless violence, he fought only in extreme recourse and only to defend himself or defend a weak man facing a stronger one. He took care not to do justice himself and worked with the authorities of Oanylone, ensuring that justice was dignified.

In barely five years, the Order of the Righteous of Oane became inescapable throughout the kingdom and the men who had joined Lucifer all shared the same faith and the same code of honor, he himself had knighted five knights and, in the whole community, the righteous were true friends. Calistan came to see him regularly and was proud of what his former squire had accomplished. His parents were also filled with pride at the destiny of their son, but in spite of his insistence refused to come and live in his domain, they had explained to him that they had to work because god had given them land and that to bask in idleness would do nothing to their happiness. Lucifer, with regret, understood their decision and was happy to welcome them whenever they wanted. The city of Oanylone seemed to be cured of its evils and the Righteous were feared and respected. They gave glory to god and led men to see the love that god gave them, not by force but by their deeds and words. The worship of the Most High was never so strong in Oanylone except after Oane's death.

Inevitably, in those troubled times, Lucifer stirred hatred and vengeance. There were many who were languishing in the jails of the city by the mere fact of the knight’s works. The rich and greedy began to see him as a threat, thinking that he would eventually seek to govern Oanylone for them. Those who sinned and spread vice also felt threatened. The corrupt and the great robbers knew that they could not live by their crimes while the Order of the Righteous reigned supreme over the city, and they knew the reason for all this, Lucifer the good … so they regrouped and decided to make this bulky knight disappear.

Unbearable suffering and temptation

The powerful and rich frightened under the influence of temptation and sin, then financed the vilest villains of Oanylone for the sole purpose of reducing Lucifer to silence. They knew that they could not directly attack him at the risk of making him a martyr and make the worship of god even stronger. So they attacked everything Lucifer believed. A small army was mounted in order to attack the knight's native village. The inhabitants of the place were struck and bruised in their flesh so that Lucifer gave himself as a quest to bring peace into the small town. He went there with his knights to fight those who had brought hatred and violence. It was on the way to fight that a messenger came to find him and announced the death of his parents and his closest friends, all burned alive. Torn by sadness the Just knight and his people struck the evil victoriously in a few days but the suffering he had in him did not disappear.

During these few days, others began to attack the spiritual guide who preached the love of the Most High, subjecting them to abuse and torture without anyone being able to oppose it. The marauders had taken care to attack the Order of the Righteous of Oane and when Lucifer and his knights returned, the news was equally dramatic. Almost all the guides had been killed and the crowd who listened to them regularly was terrified and did not understand why god did not intervene on their behalf. Followed by weeks of terror, violence, and murder which now accompanied every public appearance of the knights and guides, the population started to think that the righteous were cursed. The vile enterprise fomented by those who feared Lucifer continued, Calistan and his family were massacred, his estate burned and his children beaten to death. Lucifer was even more disappointed and slowly began to mope in the most terrible torment.

All this was not enough to change the man who continued to believe that love could triumph over all this hate and all this violence. So the plotters decided to give him the coup de grâce and managed to shoot down his knights. All suffered horrible ends, their mutilated and lifeless bodies were found hanging in the four corners of Oanylone. It was there where Lucifer met the nameless creature, attracted by all the suffering and feelings in the depths of a tortured soul. The creature took the form of a spirit and went to the tomb of Oane, where Lucifer was trying to appease his moral pain, the meeting was brief.

Spririt : "Young knight, I heard your dreadful story, the rumor says that everyone you loved was killed"

Lucifer : "Who are you?"

Spirit : "Who I am ? I am the one who lies in this tomb, the one who built this city."

Lucifer : "Oane? You are Oane? How is this possible?..."

Spirit : "My young friend, nothing is impossible for the one who found The Answer. If I came it is to ask you a question. Are you going to let these horrible atrocities go unpunished?"

Lucifer : "I do not want to talk about it, my soul is torn and my nights are made of nightmares and tears. I do not know what to hang on to to survive so much hatred."

Spirit : "Oanylone's justice will never be severe enough to appease your heart and your soul. Of all the men I have known, I have never encountered such a sad expression. Look deep inside yourself, you will see that you must do justice, and only after having killed the last assassin of yours, your sufferings will be appeased..."

The good knight then let himself go to vengeance, and hate seized his heart. He had suffered too much pain and misfortune and succumbed to anger at not being able to protect his family, for not being able to save those dear to him. With immense violence, he fought to find the culprits and massacred them one by one, but only those who had committed atrocities were killed, those who had financed and fomented these projects escaped the fate of their mercenaries. However, after that, Lucifer was not at all appeased; on the contrary, his pain mingled with the horrors he commited, made him even worse.

Thus, to complete their destructive and sinful work, the powerful corrupt owners decided on an ultimate plot against Lucifer himself. While the knight defended virtue, faith, justice, and bravery, he hastily massacred those whom he himself had condemned. Corrupt judges appeared at his estate and accused him of killing without justice, of sowing hatred and blindly killing. Lucifer, already in the depths of human suffering, was then thrown into pasture by the plebs, too happy to see that such an enviable hero was only a vile thief. He was dragged into the mire and reproached, accused of all evils and vices. In a public judgement, the sentence was exemplary and heavy for the knight accused of having usurped his reputation, his Order was dismantled, his guides were publicly executed and his friends were banished from Oanylone. When Lucifer, after many days of torture, was removed from his knighthood, his lands were seized and he was thrown into the jails of the city to languis until his death.

The spiritual decay

In his cell, Lucifer, bruised, dejected, abandoned, and in the depths of what the human soul could bear, cried for days and days. He could not understand how all this had happened and he felt abandoned by the Most High. He wondered how god who was only Love in his eyes could have let such things happen. Again, the nameless creature was powerfully drawn to this ordeal and this time he used another ruse to speak to him. The creature breathed its soul into a prisoner in a jail next to Lucifer's

Creature : "Stop whining like a little girl!"

Lucifer : "...leave me..."

Creature : "I do not have to put up with this, so much time I've been crouching here for preaching the Amighty's love!"

Lucifer : "Are you a guide? Do you want to pray with me?"

Creature : "There is no prayer that god hears, he has left us for a long time."

Lucifer : "No...God has left us free will..."

Creature : "No, he abandoned us. I was told your story and it is the ultimate proof!"

Lucifer : "What do you want to say?"

Créature : "You have become one of the most powerful knights Oanylone has known, you have protected the weak and fought against injustice and look where it got you. Your loved ones were all killed, everything you knew has collapsed. Do you still need proof to understand that Love is a decoy? You have used strength and avenged yours and yet, are you relieved? There is no justice, there is no love, the strongest have dominated you. This is the only reality of our world and the only engine that must move us forward..."

During that night, the creature put the prisoner to death in agony and Lucifer witnessed once again what he considered to be the abandonment of god. The days passed, then weeks turned into months and the months became years so that Lucifer attained the age of forty four imprisoned and still in love with an indescribable pain. As time passed, his faith had completely left him, he no longer believed in the Love of the Most High and his body transformed. His protruding muscles became dry and his prayers to god gave way to naps without dreams. The thirst for knowledge that had animated him had dried up and nothing animated the man who used to be a brave knight. While he was destined to remain imprisoned until his end, Lucifer was pardoned and released by some men moved by the fate that had been reserved for him. They gave him a small piece of arable land and enough money to live until his last breath.

Weary of life and dissatisfied, Lucifer hired a few servants to take care of giving him the comfort he had not had. He did not cultivate his lands and spent his days moping in his misery. Idleness thus invaded him and Lucifer did nothing but sleep and eat, he who never had a minute to lose did nothing. Old listeners of his fervent sermons came to see him, and all were astonished to see him like this. Lucifer, for months had eaten more than he had moved, so he had become fat and unsightly. The men tried to understand and the older man stepped forward.

Ancient : "Sir Lucifer, why you do not preach? Those who hurt you are all dead or gone."

Lucifer : "Preach? There is nothing more to preach. God does not love us and it is questionable if he exists. Faith is only a decoy that we invented so as not to fear death. Meaningless, life does not have any. No pleasure for men except that of doing nothing. Life is only a path that we take without mastering anything."

Ancient : "Lucifer, you would like to pray but your heart does not know about prayer anymore. Cold is the acedia that covers your body, you're just a marble statue sitting on your own grave"

The elders were appalled to hear Lucifer's words and to see to what acedia he let himself go. Lucifer thus lived for more than ten years, having no taste for anything, ignoring all pleasures of life and denying the faith that once had animated him. To those who tried to convince him to regain a taste for life, he spoke the same discourse and all could only see that man was no more than the shadow of a soul, a living body but without illumination.

At that time, Oanylone was experiencing a turbulent and stirring period by the swirls of vice and the foam of sins. Hatred and violence had seized the whole city, acedia had won the workers who preferred material goods to spiritual goods, idleness had won all the stages of the society of Oanylone so much that Lucifer was a new treatise as an example and elevated to the rank of myth. His lazy, idle attitude spread quickly through the cloak that had become the city and a true cult was devoted to him. The middle class and rich also indulged in laziness, making others work for them and, like Lucifer, began to believe in nothing. The sins of acedia, gluttony, greed, anger, envy, pride, and lust seized upon Oanylone. The nameless creature that roamed among men breathed his venom into the hearts of the weak who turned against the strong, that war broke out and violence, murder, and hatred became what guided the city. It was then that the Most High spoke to the men and gave them an ultimatum. He gave humans seven days to leave Oanylone, otherwise all those present would be destroyed with the city. Many were the ones who immediately left the cursed city, but many remained.

The creature appeared one last time to Lucifer and entrusted him to spread his message calling for acedia. He preached to the vilest individuals who could be in Oanylone, and was listened to much more than he was in the past when he was spreading a virtuous message filled with love. Gradually, all quickly lost the taste of life and yielded to a limitless acedia. They came to hear him preach again in his own home against all forms of activity and spirituality. Many men attended his furious diatribes against the Most High advocating acedia. Lucifer had written precepts, six to this date, have been found:

First precept : "Do not do what another can do for you, it would be a shame to lose one's own existence to wear oneself out at work."
Second precept : "There is no need to lose oneself in prayer and meditation, since the rest of sleep nourishes the mind of man just as much."
Third precept : "Believing in a spiritual and religious quest is illusory because man is intrinsically doomed to sin. By nature he is perverse and in essence he is vicious. Love is a lure that locks itself into an unfounded dogmatic belief."
Fourth precept: "The only pleasure that a man should have is to do nothing because life is empty and its flavor has no taste. So, if this pleasure can not exist, one may as well have no pleasure."
Fifth precept : "If doing nothing is fishing, then preaching sin is virtuous."
Sixth precept: "Virtue is a vice when it is erected as a dogmatic icon and vice is a virtue when it leaves the man free to do nothing."

In Oanylone, seven virtuous men, having accepted the fatality and punishment of god, did as much as Lucifer and the other men chosen by the nameless creature. Sylphael himself embodied pleasure and opposed Lucifer in every respect, as soon as he appeared in a place to preach god's love and virtuous pleasure, Lucifer went behind him to preach the opposite. It lasted six days, six long days during which the men and women who remained in Oanylone listened to Lucifer or Sylphael. Thus came the seventh day, and god in His anger poured forth from the depths of the earth the glowing and infernal lava that burned all life. The earth tore then to let Oanylone disappear in the abyss of oblivion.

An eternity of Acedia

Lucifer was presented to the Most High as every man and woman remained in Oanylone. Like the others, he abjured none of his sins and did not recognize the power of the Most High. In his holy wrath, god cast Lucifer on the moon to purge an eternity of acedia and pay for his earthly sins. The wrath of the Almighty was all the stronger because Lucifer had praised him for many years before yielding to the temptation of the nameless creature and sinking into vice. Having played acedia for much of his life, he was sent to the huge rocky peaks of hell and his appearance deformed, his muscles and fat melted, his skin tightened on his bones so that he looked like a skeleton. To punish him for spending too much time in idleness, god gave him the body of an old man with a shaggy beard and finally, because of the many years he had spent lamenting his fate without thinking to others, Lucifer was condemned to shed hot tears for eternity.

The Most High had created the hell that was on the moon to send the most vile human souls. While He had given them love and He had made His children, many turned away from Him and manifested only vice and sin, forgetting virtue and friendship. Thus, among men, those who let themselves go, those who forget themselves in idleness and spiritual laziness or those who indulge in the negation of life and ignore their own satisfaction, join the ranks of the damned souls of Lucifer, Prince of Acedia.

Translated from Greek by Monseigneur Bender.B.Rodriguez
Translated from French by Caillen Jolieen MacKinnon Rose
Proofread by Conradh MacKinnon

His Excellency the Most Reverend Monsignor Prof. Dr. theol. Policarpo von Wittelsbach
Bishop of Würzburg
Archabbot of the Abbey of Heiligenbronn
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