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Blessed Atri

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MessagePosté le: Lun Nov 26, 2012 2:16 am    Sujet du message: Blessed Atri Répondre en citant

Accepted into the Dogma on 26 November 1460 by the ESPC.

Atri Of Egremont

We all know that religion and politics do not mix well, and it is quite difficult to associate one from the other. A certain woman though proved that serving the public is not an obstacle for serving Jah. Lady Atri, Viscountess of Egremont, fervently worked towards the betterment of her town and of its people without wandering outside the plan that Jah gave to her. A path of selfless love to the community, of unaccounted service to its populace, that lead her to a faithful life that still today, is marked on the hearts of those who knew her.

  • Beginnings

    Little was known about the early life of Atri. She was born on the spring of 1438 in an unknown village somewhere in southern England. Abandoned in infancy, she was taken to a hermit monk who taught her the life and works of Aristotle and Christos until his demise.

    From her childhood until the age of sixteen, she was taken care of a woodsman, a former veteran of the Holy Crusades, who taught her the ways of life. From him she knew stories of great heroism and valor, of mighty kings and their knights who fought in the holy lands.

    When she was to reach the age of seventeen, the man who took care of her died of a bandit attack when they were traveling. She fought and managed to save her life.

    After the terrible night, she woke up in rags near the gates of the coastal town of Chard where she met Mistress Parslie who guided her and help her establish her new life in Chard.

    Documents form Atri's diary

    First Account : the early years

    My Mother, Jah rest her soul, died in the birthing when she begot me in the spring of 1438.

    My Father, his mind unhinged with grief over her loss, abandoned his infant daughter to the care of a monk who lived a secluded life as a hermit in a tiny cottage hidden away in the wooded hills of Somerset.

    The monk was a kindly soul, if somewhat eccentric. He taught me to read and write at an early age, and introduced me to the writings of Christos and Aristotle and other great thinkers. I learned from him many things, amongst them compassion and kindness toward my fellow man. Sadly, advancing years overcame him and his frail body gave up its spirit while I was yet a small child.

    Being yet too young to fend for myself, I was taken in by an old woodsman who frequented the abode of the monk oft times to trade fresh killed game for ale or arrowheads. My new "Uncle" was a former soldier who had served first in the Crusades and later as a mercenary in the armies of various European kings. When the rigors of a soldier"s life began to ache his battle scarred body and his heart began to yearn for the hills of his homeland, he returned to England to take up life as a woodsman and hunter.

    This man also taught me much. Each night around the crackling fire he regaled me with tales of epic battles and of tragic loss, of vast armies, and the heart pounding rush of eye to eye combat with a single foe, of heroism and of fear. He taught me to read the sign of the forest and its creatures, to know their habits and interpret their tracks, to move like a deer, to see as the falcon, and to think as the fox.

    In May of 55, a few days beyond my 17th birthday, I found myself dressed in rags and on my own in the town of Chard. It was here that I would meet Parslie, a woman who would prove to have a profound influence on my life.

    Mistress Parslie was a beautiful, dark haired matron who exuded both confidence and intelligence. Sometimes stern, sometimes tender, and always loving.

    After starting a new life in Chard, she got herself immersed in the world of politics and civil service. Here she started her works to help the common man, invested her time and efforts in order to make the lives of her neighbors better and progressive. Through the guidance of the Divine Action, she paved a path of good governance to being a faithful servant.

    Second Account : Coming into my own

    When fate led Mistress Parslie to faraway Greece, I was once again on my own. My heart was heavy with sadness, but she had taught me to be strong, to be self reliant, to press on.

    I now had become a skilled butcher in my own right, and also raised both crops and livestock.

    I became involved in my town, serving on the town council in a variety of roles under two fine mayors. I took over as editor of the local newspaper. I even served briefly on the county council, filling out the term of a departed councilor. In my short tenure as judge I rendered verdicts in five cases. As a woman, as a citizen, as a businesswoman, I grew up.

    In her early life and beginnings, she already incorporated the teachings of Aristotle and Christos with her decisions and judgement, and in her ways and actions. Atri proved that with the help of Jah, any man can overcome obstacles and with deep faith, these obstacles can be strongholds that strengthens and fortifies life. She devoted her self to help the people of Jah by civil offices.

  • Life in Egremont

    Atri a écrit:
    In the late fall of 1455, the colony of Egremont was chartered by the King. As much as I loved Chard, the adventure of new opportunity called to me. In what was undoubtedly the most difficult decision of my life, I left behind all that I had come to love and moved to the rugged northwest coast of England.

    A new beginning.

    Atri did not set out to do something big for Jah. She saw in Egremont the need of faithful public service there and threw herself into serving the town. Thus, her compassion occasioned the creation of an active community that benefited many. And ultimately it resulted in her being a servant of Jah.

    A Public Servant : A social instrument of Jah

    She served the town as a town councilor, mentor, and town mayor. Through the days of her works, she herself walked in the way of faith. She did not exalt herself, but saw herself as a servant to her folks. She was not full of herself, nor was her head swollen with big plans. She just did what needed to be done--- an excellent model of service for us all.

    She taught a "social" Aristotelianism, building on her conviction that selfless service is the essence of the church. And she lived it. As mayor, she made sure of the stability of the town. A complicated matter, for the people of Egremont, then a budding colony in the northern part of England

    She annexed that faith into a political perspective, through the town hall as her office, showcasing a simple life and through it, a religious governance prevailed in this hidden secret of England, Egremont.

  • Her death and legacy

    One cool night, under the shafts of moonlight filtering through the dark clouds that hid the stars, I walked unseen to the rugged shores. I hugged my cloak about me against the chill night wind coming off the sea, and I listened to the sound of the waves crashing against the rocky beach.

    After that event, no one saw Atri ever again. It was said that an angel of the Lord appeared to her took and her soul to the Solar Paradise. Jah must have seen that her duty was fulfilled and it was time for her to be with Him in eternal peace, as reward for her extraordinary work she did during her lifetime.

    Atrian language: an undying culture

    What is considered by some to be the official language of Egremont, Atrian, was named after this mayor who had a tendency to make pronunciation mistakes (OOC: she would often switch letters around or skip letters and such, when such mistakes were made people began to say "we understand, we speak Atrian", rather than having her correct herself all the time). It became considered as the official language and remained such until long after her death.

    Supposed miracles after life*

    The first testimony concerning Atri was provided by Quannanhade and is as follows:

    Quann a écrit:
    During Late-summer of 1458, a great surge of viscous and bloodthirsty plants came from the hills around Egremont. Tonnes of dried vegetable matter, rolling across the grassy knolls and parching everything they came across. Such an unnatural scourge could only be the work of Witchcraft, or the fetid and maculated hand of the Creature Without Name. These 'Tumbleweeds' had successfully evaded the armies of Cumberland, and were heavily armed. They began setting up for a raid on Egremont, a raid which a few townsfolk stepped up to stop. QuannanHade, his General (the Village Idiot) and a rag-tag band of militia went out to meet the threat. QuannanHade asked the spirit of Atri to, with Jah's permission, guide him and the town to victory over the amassed force. As soon as QuannanHade stepped out of the city walls, it was discovered that the Tumbleweed camps were empty, and the vile things had left no trace. Thus, it is to be concluded that Atri performed the miracle of genocide that day; expelling the unholy flora from our fair lands."

    It was during the summer of 1458. A humid weather prevailed throughout the day. A group of cattle herders sighted rolls of tumbleweeds sloping down the hills of Keswick. It was by then that a sudden storm engulfed the land from Hadrian's Walls down to the castle of York. A great multitude of unearthly creatures, in the resemblance of plant species, emerged from the ground and neared various towns. People panicked, it was by then that militias were formed to suppress the creatures.

    It was sometime before, that a band of pagan witches were seen dancing in the fields of Cumbria, chanting unholy hymns and cursing the earth, casting seeds while advocating for the power of the Creature Without name.

    Twas by then that the local clergy seek the divine protection of Jah. While the militia are battling the unearthly beings, an opening from heaven appeared. A shine, more like a beam of light, came down from the sky. There manifested a woman, gleaming like the morning sun. She spoke but nobody understood her. The plant-like creatures were dried crisp from the beam, when suddenly the earth shook. A crack opened from the ground and swallowed the creatures back to Lunar Hell. The people cheered for there were saved. The woman disappeared and the storm ceased.

    It was concluded that it's Atri, a maiden from Egremont. The language and the way she spoke was identical to that of the woman. From then on, farmers seek the intercession of Atri to get rid of pesky weeds ruining crops and fields.

    The second is a testimony about the apparition of Atri by Hikenai Walace and is as follows:

    Regarding the sainthood of the late Atri, and formerly a resident of Egremont, I wish to provide evidence of a miracle, performed by Atri, at the request of myself. The situation began when I was concerned over a friend, Saskia, having gone into retreat. I was mostly speaking tongue in cheek, but it seemed I greatly angered our priest, Father Sloth, by jokingly making a suggestion we take Saskia, forceably from retreat. The good Father Sloth, having overheard how I had tempted Osbert Wallace and the mayor, Jken, to join me in this venture, and hearing their reaction to the proposition, the good Father said : "thou shall not enter those walled cloisters! its a place of recollection with the Almighty Jah! tho shall not intervene ! Let Lady Saskia find peace at this time and reflect on her relationship with Jah".
    Father Sloth's reaction to my suggestion, caused others, such as Quannanhade, to enter into the discussion, as well, making light of the good Father's vehement objections to what I had so lightly suggested we do. This seemed to increase Father's anger all the more. As Father became increasingly angry, he seemed to turn maniacal, and suddenly, to everyone's surprise he levitated, hovering around the ceiling! At this point, seeing such a thing, all in attendance were aghast! I clasped my hands together, bowed my head in prayer to Jah, to the Christos, and also did bear in mind Atri, as I earnestly sought Father Prof's deliverance! As I called Atri to mind, he immediately fell to the floor, passed into a deep slumber, and afterward, awakened with no recollection of the mysterious, and frightening events that had occurred.
    It is my belief, that Jah released him from whatever dark power seized him that day, However, I believe it was, especially, Atri's intervention, which resulted in so speedy, and miraculous, a recovery of Father Sloth from the force of evil that assailed him. I do believe with my whole heart that it was Atri's aid which resulted in Father Sloth quickly being restored to his usual personality and good health. Those in attendance to observe the walking on walls, and levitation, were Osbert Wallace, Jken, Quannanhade, and possibly Aefernum, who was standing nearby in a grove of trees.
    I do swear the above account of Father Sloth's levitation to be true, and to be verifiable by the witnesses I have listed. I also confirm, it is my belief, that Atri's intervention, upon my having petitioned her while praying to Jah, played a significant role in the recovery of Father Sloth from some dark force. I also believe Atri's intervention played a significant role in his restoration to good spiritual health, mental health and physical normalcy!

    This I swear to, and sign, on Jan. 31, 1459.

    Hikenai de Peche Wallace
    Deaconess of Egremont

    It was by mysterious incidence that happened on a council meeting in the town of Egremont. The discussion of the group swayed to a topic that had angered their parish priest. It is so that the cleric lost senses and is believed that the demon of wrath overpowered him that day. He started to act differently and levitated to the ceiling. In great surprise and fear, the deaconess prayed to Jah for help.

    The winds blew and crashed the windows open. Mist entered the chamber and collected in a portrait hung in the wall. There apparated the woman in the portrait.

    It was Atri. As a former mayor and councilor of the town she has a portrait hung in the walls of the town council chamber. The apparition was said to chase the demon away, through the Divine Action. After all had calmed down, the apparition disappeared and the wind ceased. The group, dumbfounded, thanked the Lord for all was well.

    The third is a legend passed around the town about a miracle and is commonly known as the legend of the skull of Atri. here is as is follows:

    A fisherman went fishing by the sea late at night. A strange wave and heavy winds turned his boat upside-down, nearly drowning him. Then he prayed for Jah for help. then a shiny light rose from the sea and saved the fisherman. The day after, the fisherman woke in his boat a found a very large cod, then out of the fish' mouth, a skull came out... the fisherman was horrified, then he felt a cool spring breeze. A lady suddenly appeared and seems to be walking in the water... like a mist or fog, but warm. The lady spoke to the fisherman...but the man cannot understand what the lady is talking about, it sounds like English, maybe welsh, but a little bit of mongolian-chinese. Nevertheless, the lady pointed to the skull.. she smiled. The man was confused, so he got the skull and when he is about to give it to the lady, the lady disappeared. the fisherman got ashore and gave the skull to the parish priest. the end!

    Testimonies, quotations, etc.

    Atri a écrit:
    Egremont is a fine town.

    "Happy I could help in some small way, ma'am."

    "Egremont truly has a lot of folks who know how to share in life's little joys!"
    "I love this town., i'm very happy"

    Beemo a écrit:
    Atri was the heart of Egremont. She ran for mayor not for power but out of a sense of duty. It took much convincing to get her to take that step but she was natural. She earned the title of Viscountess of Egremont bestowed upon her by LadyCruzinCat. Atri never left Egremont. She was to go with me once, but died before we had the chance. We spent many hours together in the P&F talking about everything and til this day I still miss her.

    Robert a écrit:
    she was a good person and most definitely deserved a sainthood.

    Patronage : civil servants ; linguists

    Relics: Diary and the skull is currently kept safe in the Parish of Egremont

    Celebration: Town of Egremont

    Associated date: April 1st

* The miracles which are told in this hagiography had not been validate with serious investigation. Aristotelician Church cannot tell if they aretrue or not at this point.

thanks to the hard working team at the English Scriptorium. Lead by Prof.Sloth
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