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Hagiography of St. Gabriel the Archangel

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MessagePosté le: Lun Nov 26, 2012 2:51 pm    Sujet du message: Hagiography of St. Gabriel the Archangel Répondre en citant

Accepted into the Dogma on 26 November 1460 by the ESPC.


Hagiography of St. Gabriel the Archangel

Birth And Childhood of Gabriel

Gabriel was born on a day just like any other day, a day no different from any other day. There was no indication that he would become reknown in times to come, nothing. Because Gabriel was born as others. Only his virtue and purity of his heart would allow him to reach the Almighty.
The parents of Gabriel were pious, but like many people in Oanylone the message of God that they had received and then taught Gabriel was perverted. They instilled in him that God had created the earth, That God was the basis of all things, but that God inflicted punishment without reason, and ruled like a tyrant ...

The first fifteen years of Gabriel passed with nothing happening to distinguish it from the other kids his age. He was however interested in finding the truth about God, and knew that he was a God of love and not of hate ...

The life of Gabriel

Gabriel's father, whose name was Vorian, was a Sailor and was working for a wealthy shipowner of Oanylone named Leto. Leto was a good man, just with sinners, but he married Hecate, a wicked and cruel woman. They had a son, named Leviathan, who was born a few months before Gabriel. Leviathan had inherited all the vices of his mother, but none of the virtues of his father. He was angry, cunning and an expert in lying. However, Leviathan was an excellent navigator and his father had appointed Leviathan a captain on one of his vessels at the age of fifteen.

It was precisely on this ship that Gabriel was assigned when he turned fifteen years and began working as a fisherman.

Leviathan arrived as usual screaming, spitting on fishermen not fast enough for his liking, and hitting them, which triggered anger and resentment. Fishermen often sank into a rage and tried to rebel and strike Leviathan, but Leviathan enjoyed their hatred, and always avoided the blows and then returned a wicked smile.

Gabriel witnessed all this, a monstrous man who was barely older than her was, who revelled in the hatred he caused.
Gabriel always did his work well, but after two weeks while he was on the ship with Leviathan, Levaithan fell upon him. Leviathan reproached him for doing wrong work, yelling at him to see his reaction, but Gabriel remained calm and without anger or hatred. The Insults and cries of Leviathan slid over him like rain on a smooth surface. Nothing of what he said penetrated or caused Gabriel to rouse to anger. Disappointed by the reaction of Gabriel, he hit a good shot and left to stir trouble elsewhere.

Sometime later, we learned that Leto was killed by his son during a tantrum. Leviathan had smashed his skull with his sextant. Of course, officially, it was an accident ...

Becoming the boss, Leviathan became uncontrollable, he unleashed his wrath on all and caused anger among those who worked for him.

Alone, Gabriel remained steadfast to the insults and bullying of Leviathan. The latter remained incredulous, he did not understand that despite all the outpouring of hatred which he directed at Gabriel, he remained calm, obedient and hardworking ...

It is at this time that Gabriel met an old blind beggar who told him this:

Understand people that it is you that distinguishes yourself, and not your birth,
understand people that God will judge you according to your deeds and not your birth.
God puts you on the road, and your peers are men who knowingly or not, whether winding or straight, do move away or closer to you but it is you and only you to decide where and when you walk to the end as it is for you to walk.
Certainly, you should go to your brothers and sisters and for God, but it is your salvation that is at stake
By loving God, by loving your brothers and your sisters the human ones, you can only gain, if it is not on Earth, it will be elsewhere, in the star of the day
It is thyself and thy brethren that God confronts because these are your greatest enemies although many try to be good.

These last words filled his heart and his soul, and later, the life of Gabriel was a kind of acceptance of all the misery of the world. He had already learned to withstand evil without resisting, now, he knew he had to particularly understand it, because to fight evil, what better way than to sow peace and love inside of this evil?

He had until then never left talking about anger or hatred, but he knew now that he would have to say no to evil when it grew too much and sewed discord in souls.
He already had such a capacity to contain evil, that he gave the impression of being a man who could hold many secrets.

He had such confidence in God that he let himself be carried away by the providence and divine love.

One night, God spoke to him in his sleep and said:

"Man, I whisper every day my word into the hollow of your ear
and the depth of your heart
but you, fisherman and profiteer,
you change the Scriptures,
and pervert my statements When I speak through you.
Many are those to which I transmitted my word,
But everyone wanted to divert it,
Not only to attract their own glory,
Not only to justify their own words.
But the day will come when I will confide in one my words of wisdom
and to another my commandments.
Because I love you, man.
And as long as you want to hear what I have to reveal,
I will speak,
And when knowingly you close yourself to my statements.
I will send you burn in the flames of hell in the depths of the moon.
Because only suffering can make you see that every day I work for your own good.
In Making you suffer I'll make understand that without me there is nothing and nothing can be.
If I forced you to follow me you would not understand why it is good to follow me.
You put some time to understand, man, and yet I love you.
Do not seek, happiness is there, in the simplicity of your heart.
Going to Gabriel, convey my message to those you judge worthy to be saved.
As Gabriel, I say to you, this era of decadence will end shortly.
And only the righteous will be saved.

Then Gabriel travelled through Oanylone looking for the righteous, he gave them a such thirst for God that many quit the vocations they were in and began to work for the glory of God. He also explained to them what they were meant to do. He said these words:

'My friends, my brothers '
God reserves for each of you a particular pathway.
He keeps shouting it to you in the depths of your heart.
Open Yourself to his call and Shout "Yes!"
Saying Lord, 'you know what is good for me. That wherever you lead me will not torture me because this is the way which is mine. Wherever you lead me, I'll know I'll be happy despite the hardships.
So open your hearts.

Many were touched by his words but this was not enough to keep the mass of men on their path toward God.
Indeed the words of love that came from Gabriel spoke of turning away from sin, to get closer to that full virtue that only God alone possesses.
But it is far easier to remain a sailor, it was so easier to persist in sin ... why change when you're in a good situation?

It was then that Leviathan, increasingly intrigued by the Temperance of Gabriel, made him call.
When he arrived, Gabriel saw his father tied to a wooden column. Leviathan tells him that his father had lost a whole load of fish, was a bad element and deserved punishment.
Leviathan began beating Vorian, Gabriel begged him to stop, but the more he pleaded the more Leviathan beat Vorian harder.
Leviathan struck so hard that he pierced the belly of Vorian and in an explosion of blood, Vorian died on the spot, accompanied by the tears of his son ...

Leviathan was expecting at that point for Gabriel to react, to be blinded by rage, and try to avenge his father. But Gabriel did nothing, he turned his back and walked away, but just before leaving, said this to Leviathan:

"your Hate and your anger doesn't affect me, you think to be the strongest, but your end is nigh. God will punish you for your sins and you shall be condemned to an eternity of suffering. ".

Before Leviathan had time to respond, Gabriel had gone ...

The Fall of Oanylone

Gabriel strolled through the port of Oanylone displaying a great sorrow after the outburst of extreme violence that he had just witnessed.
He approached the boat "QueBec" , a name given to this ship because on the bow was a large albatross with its large beak open.
The owner of the ship was a friend of Gabriel, that had been guided to the path of salvation by Gabriel some time ago.

Gabriel was about to go and see the owner when lightning appeared in the sky. Gabriel understood right away that the time of the fall of Oanylone had arrived.
He decided immediately to find all those who he had met and were now following the path of virtue, and to save them

He began by contacting his friend Alcisde, the owner of the "QueBec" and getting him to prepare the boat to take on board those that Gabriel would bring in order to save them.

Gabriel toured the streets of Oanylone, telling all those of virtue to go to the port and embark on the "Quebec", taking nothing with them that would weigh them down.

While returning to port accompanied by four orphans, Gabriel saw Leviathan with eyes full of fury and rage, throwing a huge beam on the boat which fell upon the sail, preventing it from being boarded from the city.
While a demented thunderous laughter came from the throat of Leviathan, Gabriel, listening only to his faith, rushed on deck to help release the "Que-Bec."
The beam was too high and Gabriel, who was very strong, proposed making a ladder of his body. So he grabbed a plank put it across to the ship and stood as a ladder to the plank. He told the sailers to use him as a ladder. Thus they climbed up Gabriel, across the beam and onto the boat and could free the boat.
All were shouting "long live Gabriel, who has made his body a ladder! Long live "Quebec" free! ".

Once released, and all were on board the ship. A man then asked Gabriel "What does God expect of us?" This is what Gabriel said:

Oane engraved the words of the creator on the first wall of our city, it is written that God told our ancestors:

"That your loyalty is that of children towards their parents or I will be as strict as parents to their children."
Because when each of you will die, I judge, based on the life you have led.
The Sun will flood every day the world of his light, as proof of love for my creation.
Some of those I am sending among you, will live an eternity of happiness.
But every day, the moon will take over.
And those who, among your are not able to see more than just lying there, will suffer torment.

But I tell you this as well

This day is a day brand new.
It has never existed and there will never be more.
So take this day and make a ladder
to Reach the highest peaks.
Do not allow the sunset to drag you down
You will find yourself equal to what you are at dawn.
Because tomorrow may be the day where you will be judged".

The ship departed while Gabriel returned to the city in the grip of absolute chaos. And, in six days, did all he could to save those who could still be saved.
He was there then the seventh day, the day of the terrible cataclysm.

Gabriel was in port when he saw Leviathan, mad with rage, trying to escape the city on his boat named "Kraken", but the elements were let go and an awful whirlwind was formed around the ship, and swallowed it.
It was then that a gigantic earthquake destroyed Oanylone, which became submerged under the sea.

Witnesses then saw a rainbow illuminated the dark skies and recognized then that Gabriel was being guided toward the Sun.

Prayer to Saint Gabriel

Saint Gabriel Archangel,
Angel of Temperance,
open our ears
to the sweet warnings
and urgent appeals of the Most High.
Stand still before us,
we beseech thee,
that we understand
the Word of God,
so that we follow Him
and obey Him
and that we accomplish
what He wants from us.
Help us stay awake
so that when He comes,
the Lord does not find us asleep.

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not enough active things

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