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Dogma: Archangel Miguaël

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MessagePosté le: Sam Mar 30, 2013 3:53 pm    Sujet du message: Dogma: Archangel Miguaël Répondre en citant

Hagiography of St. Miguaël the Archangel

By Garmon of Vaisuny
Translated from Latin by Brother Sauvigny, Franciscan.

1 Birth of Miguaël and Belial

In the city of Oanylone lived Adiguaëla, wife of Theophilus, who was expecting twins. These children had been conceived iwith the greatest love and had not been tainted by lust whatsoever. Adiguaëla was a generous woman, who was attentive to her surroundings.

She usually took care of the poor, but then the situation in Oanylone was becoming, as men began to ignore God, they sunk into laziness and greed, creating a growing rivalry between the oanylonians. The situation meant no help to reduce the poverty, on the contrary, the number of poor went up and they were despised by the strongest. Not wanting to harm anyone, Adiguaëla dealt with all of them, but the Nameless Creature inspired them with jealousy and revenge.

Exhausted by the situation and the children she was expecting, Adiguaëla can no longer keep the people of the city on the right track.
She gave birth to two boys, one named Miguaël that, according to legend, means "give and love", the other was called Belial, meaning "give and receive."

The evil Nameless Creature persuaded the poorest to go and kill this family. The love that existed between them and the love that brought them to God was, in her statements, the reason that strengthened the despise of the strongest by the poor.

Sensing the danger, Theophilus took Miguaël and his brother from the hands of their mother and hid them inside a box. Just as he had placed them in the box, those who had worked for Adiguaëla each day, came and killed them in the most horrible way. But the children, hidden in the box were saved because they had not been seen.

2 Welcome

They were collected by Ménopus, an elderly and pious man who knew nothing of the origin of these "love", as he liked to call them, and who wanted to know nothing about their history. He gave the children milk produced from his cow Minerva, who became a famous cow, much later, among the nations for giving milk, unlike its counterparts who could not .

... But back to our story, and I must finish writing before the light from my candle burns out. These two young boys grew close together and were never apart, a link existed between them was so great that it went beyond friendship and brotherly love, but unfortunately one of them would eventually turn away.....

3 The temptation of Belial

These two siblings, despite the temptations of the Creature Without a Name continued to grow religiously and did not hesitate to help others before they helped themselves. Being young when their parents were killed, they Knew nothing of it, but in a dream they were told about it. They tried to be discreet until the day when the creature came to speak to Belial:

"Why do you focus especially on others even if they have nothing to offer, when you could serve the rich, and be paid, so you will not be working for nothing. "

Belial replied:

"I have never worked for nothing, these people need me, if we do not, then who will? "

"No one, but what do they give you in return, nothing, then they keep on harassing you because the more you give, the more they will ask. "

This discussion did not sit well with Belial, but gradually the idea grew on him , and eventually it took hold and he no longer could cope with his old thoughts.
He began by asking for items in exchange for his work but the poor had no money and could not give. So he stopped working for them and then began his life of laziness and sin, feeling this was more satisfying and that he was not indispensable to the poor.

4. The temptation of Miguaël and prayer

The creature with no name then whispered in the ear of Miguaël, but he knew of the creatures intentions and would not listen, because the more you listen, the more it would be hard to resist.

Resolute in his prayer, Miguaël knelt and recited the following prayer which was forever to be used by the faithful.

"God Almighty,
Father of mankind
And divine Omnipotence,
Close my ears
to the temptations
And open my eyes
to endless love you give me,
that I can then give to those who must receive
Love those who should be,
Always knowing,
If I was not there,
Someone else would be there to do
For it is You who speaks through my mouth
And work with my hands.

Forgive my brother and all the others
For They do not know what they do. '

This young man was blessed by God, it was sure, he was chosen so that he gives his life for the world. Faced with such strength and blessing the nameless creature could do nothing and even if it tried many other times, it could never convince Miguaël.

5 Punishment-and the Creation of the Institution of the Archangels

The situation of men was getting worse. They no longer saw God and acted more as a function of themselves at the expense of their brothers and even their own families. This led to rivalries and often even the fittest of mind was led to unprecedented crimes.

It is at this point that the Divine Punishment fell, not that the Almighty did not love this world, but he did not intervene, he let man face his downfall.

Then there was lightning and while many fled, the most determined among the fighting stayed and somehow split into two groups:
There were those who embody in themselves all the sins of the world, The Iinaudiendis (note: in Latin, those who do not agree) were led by seven evil men:
    Asmodeus said the greedy,
    the lustful Azazel,
    Lucifer acédique,
    Beelzebub the miser,
    the choleric Leviathan,
    Satan the jealous
    and Belial the proud.

These seven, believing the unnamed ensured that this punishment was incontrovertible proof that God does not love them.

On the other hand, aware of their faults, a group preached repentance.
Led by

    and Miguaël

and they embodied respectively in contrast to the seven virtues inaudiendis they tried to defend temperance, friendship, justice, conservation, fun, conviction and selflessness.

These two groups each had their followers, the sinners being among the most numerous,but it was the Righteous and their faith unwavering that would win over the corrupted.

At the end of the seventh day, a great destructive wind came from the center of the earth and the earth cracked into many abysses, taking the inaudiendis deep within them.

But among the carnage, a heavenly cloud came and brought the seven of virtue to the top of the sky.

Here, a soft light shone. Still not knowing where they were, their fears were taken away as the place was so soft and soothing that they felt comfortable there and felt an immense feeling of warmth, a feeling of love.

Then a strong tender voice was heard:

"My children, you are in front of me because you understood that I neither through jealousy nor punishing them for pleasure but because the human race has reached a point where the only punishment was to get back on my path. I called for it Archangels, you embody the seven virtues that you defend down and you will now become the inspiration of all virtues. I give you three pairs of wings, a sign of your power and your rank,
Go now, for paradise awaits you. '

6 Eternal damnation

The inaudiendis were sent to the deepest depths, where the fire roars and where sinners are tortured.
If you look, all created beings are sinners but the Almighty, in His great kindness offered forgiveness, and if they reject or do not seek forgiveness they keep their sins and suffer until the end of time.

7 Belial and the pride of men divert away again from God
Institution of exorcism


At the beginning of the Church, it was still frail and Belial said nthat to destroy the church it would be better to act from the inside. Being proud, he took possession of the body of the highest dignitary of the Church, the Pope.

In that time, the Pope Hyginus was affected by a serious illness. Belial, full of cowardice took possession and from that moment, the features of the Holy Father began to change. A servant, Mirall realized this and begged the Almighty to send someone. The Archangel Miguaël, patron Saint against possession, "exorcist" as he was named later, was sent.

He gushed as fast as he could, his six wings beating out of breath, for if the church was falling the result would be terrible. He entered into the body of Hyginus, whose virtuous thoughts were trapped in a struggle against Belial.

Belial said:
"You dare to act against your own brother Miguaël?
Thou seest not how thy God uses you?

To which Miguaël replied:
-You are no longer my brother Belial.
I disown you, Go back to where you came from, leave and return to the the abyss, only God is sovereign, God alone is the master. Only the virtues of this man shall man arise! '

While this confrontation took place, the sky and the earth seemed to also compete in a decisive battle, with much lightening and colour changes.

"Go back where you came from, the prince of demons and let the soul of this man in peace, you hear??


Belial, get thee behind me , Go back from where you came from!!! "

At this point, a flame sprung from the mouth of the possessed party Hyginus and crashed into the earth while the overlooking Night sky suddenly became calm and resumed its normal coloring.

Saint Miguaël ascended to heaven in glory seated on a cloud and accompanied by a thousand celestial voices singing the glory of God because only God is sovereign.

This happened in the year of grace 140. It was the last year of Hyginus as Pope.

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