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Hagiography of Saint Calandra

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Hagiography of Saint Calandra

Her Life Before Christos

Being the child of a poor and meager family had great effect on the life of Calandra, it is said. Perhaps she was taught to be so humble and pious, by family and circumstance, or perhaps she was gifted with these things by the Lord Jah. Regardless of the origin of her gifts, the origins of her teaching in spiritual matters can be traced to her early childhood.

She was given to the Temple of Aristotle for training in the matters of the spirit, for it was one of the few paths to achieve a way out of poverty at that time. She learned from, and served, the priests of that temple for some time, always absorbing every drop of knowledge as dry cloth does water. Being adept at learning did not, however, make her popular with her fellow students, or even some of the priests.

On her sixteenth year she was told by the senior priest of the temple that she was required elsewhere, because of her knowledge and passion for it. She was given a small amount of goods, to feed and protect her during the journey, and was given direction to a town in the desert. At once, and with complete faith, she set out upon her journey, never guessing the ill intentions of her seniors.

She went out into the desert, her food and water being conserved because she was of humble origin, but even so it ran out long before she found the town that was not there. For many days she wandered always maintaining the course set her by the senior priest of her old temple, never once did her faith waiver. It was on the fortieth day, long after the last of her food had been eaten, and many days since the last of her water had been drank, that she did see a town on the horizon.

When she arrived, it was not of thirst or hunger that she was concerned, she immediately sought out the priest of the village. Upon finding him she was informed that he had never requested her, nor informed that she would be arriving, but vengeance and wrath were far from her mind, for she knew that it was Jah who had sent her, through even the jealousy of the temple priests. It was there that she served for many years until she was taken up by a travelling group of faithful who were seeking to educate the pagan masses throughout the lands.

Her Life With Christos

It was getting the animal to come to him that first amazed Calandra, his ability to disperse such a hostile crowd with his words and refusal of violence that sealed her respect for him. It was that day that she, and nine others, pledged their lives to him as his apostles. As one of many she began to follow Joshua Christos.

From town to town they travelled, passing down the wisdoms of Aristotle, sharing the passion and faith of Christos, and bathing others in the glory and love of Almighty Jah. Calandra was especially apt at the reading of the doctrines and interpreting them, tempering them if you will, with the words of Christos. She was known as one who could see the word of the laws, and know it’s spirit and application.

The continued miracles before her very eyes did always inspire Calandra to speak all the more loud and passionately each time. Christos deeds of fact, the curing of the ill, enabling of the lame, even bring sight to those who had never had it, only made the spreading of their words easier. The Love and the Truth was brought to many people in this fashion.

It was then that the troop came upon Jerusalem, a great town, of many people, much sin and vagrancy, and many beautiful structures. It was the confrontation there that would change not only her life, but the lives of so many, the consequences even more so. She could only stand and watch as the Centurion was sprayed, as so many others, Christos words had again be proven true, and amazement seized even her.

Even the evening in which Daju left them did not phase their belief in Christos as the messiah, Calandra herself found his words on chastity to be even more inspiring because she. Herself, already practised this thing. The speech on organization went long into the night, always did Calandra memorize, for knowledge, and its collection, was her gift from Jah. The dinner following however, with Christos gloom, did bring gloom even to her, for her mood was often set by Joshua Christos, her mentor and leader.

Everything after happened so fast as to almost elude her perception, the capture, trial and sentencing did nothing to quiet her ever-growing dissatisfaction with events. As the crucifixion did occur Calandra found herself weeping for the first time in many years, not for the eventual death of Christos, but because of the loss humanity was suffering for He would no longer be able to speak His Truths.

The body of angels that descended to Christos body stopped everything in the world, to Calandra, even the winds and rains stopped that moment, the cries and cheers of the people lost in the glorious music of the heavens. That day was not an end, but a beginning, that very night Calandra and others were busy teaching the Truth and baptizing many.

Her Life After Christos

Calandra separated from the others after Jerusalem, seeking solace in solitude, and life again in her continued teaching. Her memory did help her immensely as she could speak of the events of her time with Christos as if they were just the day before. She travelled to many lands, many more towns and villages, always spreading the word, baptising the faithful and converted, and finding among them the most knowledgeable, pious, and humble and making of them a priest for their community.

Her travels did, at one time, lead her back to Jerusalem, an accursed place in her mind, but still her path was not set by her mind or intentions, and so she followed it. On the road there she met a person that would be her companion for many years, Publia, later baptised Bertilde. It was in Jerusalem that she was reminded of the rule of the Romans, and the cruel nature of humans, but never did her faith waiver.

She spent many more years after that travelling the lands, continuing her duties, as laid forth by Christos that fateful night. She made many a friend, ordained many a priest, and had the joy of watching the Faith continue to spread and grow among the peoples of many lands. She eventually found a town, from which to base her travels, and settled there, taking up property donated by a believer for her use.

During all the many years of her service she had never been to Rome, with the announcement of Titus Ascendancy to the title of Pope only joy came. But one day a letter did come, calling for her presence there due to the works of her companion Betrtilde, and so, despite age and illness, the two prepared for what would be their last journey together.

Upon Bertilde’s death in a town just south of Rome in Italy, Calandra first felt her faith waiver, but it was quickly replenished and her purpose made clear when she saw the Rose bush sprout form the grave overnight. She proceeded to Rome and made her case to the chamber, then left, since she herself had nothing to do with the formation of any Order. On the journey back to her home she could only hope she had spoken true and that Jah would create what he would create.

A letter did arrive after the council had come to a decision, no one for sure will ever know the contents of that letter, but the official formation of an Episcopal Guard after the ideals of the then Sainted Martyr Kyrene and the teachings Bertilde did occur. Calandra did know her friend’s memory well served.

Her Earthly Departure

As age had already claimed Calandra, her body did begin to fail itself, but never her mind. As an illness began striking her very bones, causing them to become brittle and easily crack, she still continued her teaching and guidance, albeit from her bed. The roles had become reversed, her travelling days had come to an end, and so others, seekers of knowledge and wisdom, some even not yet believers, sought out Calandra at her home.

It was during this time that Calandra began writing out her various works, ideas, and memories so that many could know of them after her passing. As intelligent and knowing as she was, she also knew that ideas never stopped forming, and that one’s thoughts could often be expanded upon by another. So what was committed to memory began to become committed to parchment and animal skins.

The day of her departure began as any other, the sun rose, the wind blew, no spectacular effects of weather or miracle would mark her passing. It was her attendant, who had begun working for her, tending her fields and making her food, that discovered it when he had come to bring her first meal. The corn porridge was left by her bed as the man checked her for signs of life, but alas there were none to be sensed, her breath had ceased, her heart as well, she had transversed the veil and resided in the Heavens now.

Her funeral was a humble affair, a simple burial in her garden, attended by every person in the town, and all who had come to seek her wisdom or knowledge. She was not mourned, but rather her life celebrated, memories of her shared, and her home treated with the utmost respect. Her writings, gathered by a few of her frequent students and visitors, were carted to Rome, where, to this day, many reside.


The remains of Clandra have been lost to time.
Several documents remain bearing her name as the original creator.


Greater: Teachers and Students, Travellers
Lesser: Missionaries
Former Bishop of Clifton
Former Roman Cardinal-Elector and Prélate Plénipotentiary
Former Cardinal Chamberlain of England, Scotland, and Ireland
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