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The Last Letter of a Bishop & Finnish Baptismal Records

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Inscrit le: 28 Déc 2016
Messages: 101
Localisation: Turku, Finland

MessagePosté le: Sam Avr 16, 2022 12:13 am    Sujet du message: The Last Letter of a Bishop & Finnish Baptismal Records Répondre en citant


    Letter to Rome

    We, Albrect Eriksson, Bishop of Turku,

      Sensing our strength rapidly wane have commissioned this copy of the Baptismal Records of the Diocese of Turku to be kept in Rome to allow the verification of the baptisms of the Finnish faithful for the celebration of further sacraments.

      As our time on this Earth draws to its end, we are left to mourn, that after our passing, our beloved parishes will be left in the care of our faithful laity, who will be a herd without its shepherd. We must place our trust in our Lord, that the seed of the two prophets has well been sown among them, and will continue to bear good fruits.

      We pray, that when eventually Jah appoints a successor to our See, they will be given the full support of Rome and all of the clergy of our Mother Church. We also pray, that the special nature of the small Northern Dioceses and their parishes, and the challenges they face, will be remembered in the halls of Rome.

      May the Almighty bless his Church, all of her Cardinals, each of her Bishops, all the Priests in her service and all the world's faithful.

        Due to a fire in the archives ((OOC: forum relocation)) there are no information on the date, parish and celebrant for some baptism performed before the year 1459. Nevertheless, we are confident that these baptisms have been celebrated properly and following the Canon Law in force at the time.

        c. = cardinal
        b. = bishop
        p. = priest
        v. = vicar
        pd. = permanent deacon
        d. = deacon

        Name, date, parish, celebrant


        Aamu, 7.5.1465, Turku, v. Albrect
        Aino, 15.12.1467, Turku, b. Albrect
        Albrect, 29.12.1464, Rauma, d. Partatiger
        Aleksanteri, 12.9.1462, Turku, p. Juhana
        Artonedi, 3.10.1461, Rauma, pd. Despe
        Azureus, 20.11.1457, Rauma, d. Villef
        Bartram, 27.12.1462, Turku, d. Jaakkim
        Bricton, 5.8.1462, Rauma, p. Juhana
        Bunny, 28.7.1457, Rauma, d. Villef
        Cherman -> Chermiina
        Chermiina, 28.7.1462, Rauma, p. Juhana
        Dellaca, 24.6.1457, Rauma, d. Villef
        Ejnar, 14.7.1468, Rauma, b. Albrect
        Elve, 12.11.1458, Rauma, p. Zors
        Elviira, 5.2.1462, Rauma, pd. Despe
        Emibox, 6.8.1460, Rauma, pd. Despe
        Evaeriksdotter, 15.1.1465, Rauma, d. Partatiger
        Henrik, 26.3.1466, Turku, b. Albrect
        Hoovee, 27.4.1464, Rauma, b. Juhana
        Ironchef, 2.10.1460, Rauma, pd. Despe
        Janina, 20.9.1465, Turku, v. Albrect
        Jansku, 30.9.1463, Rauma, b. Juhana
        Jeenski, 9.1.1465, Rauma, d. Partatiger
        Johanb99, 24.4.1463, Rauma, d. Kolsyra
        Juhana (2), 28.8.1458, Rauma, p. Zors
        Kaarina, 10.12.1467, Turku, b. Albrect
        Kersantti_karoliina, 3.10.1462, Rauma, pd. Despe
        Kolsyra, 25.10.1461, Turku, pd. Despe
        Lallius, 13.10.1462, Rauma, pd. Despe
        Lauri, 28.8.1463, Rauma, P. Juhana
        Melkor, 1.6.1460, Rauma, pd. Elve
        Monsterix, 22.7.1458, Rauma, d. Villef
        Nassukka, 27.4.1464, Rauma, P. Juhana
        Olli123, 29.06.1458, Rauma, d. Villef
        Partatiger, 10.1.1463, Rauma, d. Kolsyra
        Phobia3 -> Phobia
        Phobia, 25.6.1457, Rauma, d. Villef
        Robb1, 5.12.1464, Turku, b. Juhana
        Rolle, 28.7.1462, Rauma, p. Juhana
        Santtu, 7.9.1467, Rauma, p. Albrect
        Sherman, 3.8.1460, Rauma, pd. Despe
        Slush, 10.12.1459, Rauma, d. Villef
        Tarania, 15.7.1465, Turku, p. Albrect
        Therther, 28.4.1464, Rauma, b. Juhana
        Varjolintu -> Elviira
        Villef, 26.4.1457, Rome, c. Dunpeal
        Wp_ansa, 28.12.1462, Rauma, b. Juhana

        Deceased or missing

        Abdishakuur -> Patrick
        Adelma (1), 11.1.1462, Turku, pd. Despe
        Adelma (2), 5.3.1463, Turku, pd. Kolsyra
        Ainutkertainen, 27.6.1464, Rauma, b. Juhana
        Aklappa, 24.11.1460, Rauma, pd. Despe
        Allu, 28.7.1457, Rauma, d. Villef
        Angerfiina, 2.1.1458, Rauma, d. Villef
        Arbakuk, 12.2.1460, Rauma, p. Zors
        Aribaba1, 29.7.1457, Rauma, d. Villef
        Bbt, 10.11.1457, Rauma, d. Villef
        Br96830, 5.8.1462, Rauma, p. Juhana
        Ciidu98, 23.12.1459, Rauma, p. Zors
        Cilona, 3.9.1463, Turku, b. Juhana
        Despe, 12.11.1458, Rauma, p. Zors
        Dreyr, 12.9.1460, Rauma, pd.Despe
        El_chivo, 25.6.1457, Rauma, d. Villef
        Eviny, 10.8.1460, Rauma, pd. Despe
        Geewilliam, --.11.1458, Rauma, p. Zors
        Harrietdunbar, 10.6.1460, Rauma, pd. Elve
        Horaatio, 15.11.1460, Rauma, pd. Despe
        Hymyvaan, 20.11.1460, Rauma, pd. Despe
        Ipa, 6.10.1460, Rauma, pd. Despe
        Irliswolf, 10.9.1457, Rauma, d. Villef
        Jaakkim, 20.10.1461, Turku, pd. Despe
        Jalapenoukko, 6.3.1461, Rauma, pd. Despe
        Julle, 14.6.1460, Rauma, pd. Elve
        Jurmeli, 18.1.1458, Rauma, d. Villef
        Kaketeus, 13.9.1460, Rauma, pd. Despe
        Kaltorak, 18.7.1461, Rauma, pd. Despe
        Kim79, 16.2.1462, Rauma, pd. Despe
        Korppi, 13.12.1460, Rauma, pd. Despe
        Lare, 18.3.1460, Rauma, p. Zors
        Lipi, 16.5.1461, Rauma, pd. Despe
        Martland, --.11.1458, Rauma, p. Zors
        Mcemperor, 2.10.1460, Rauma, pd. Despe
        Minecraftpro15, 8.10.1461, Rauma, pd. Despe
        Mummyrat, --.11.1458, Rauma, d. Villef
        Pau525, 6.1.1460, Rauma, p. Zors
        Pellervo, 11.1.1458, Rauma, d. Villef
        Pertti, 2.11.1460, Rauma, pd. Despe
        Platon, 3.7.1461, Rauma, pd. Despe
        Pohko, 13.9.1460, Rauma, pd. Despe
        Sielulintu, 4.10.1463, Rauma, b. Juhana
        Siidiuss, 4.5.1457, Rome, c. Dunpeal
        Siig, 26.7.1460, Rauma, pd. Despe
        Sirijaana, 11.3.1461, Rauma, pd. Despe
        Sparhawk87, 31.7.1457, Rauma, d. Villef
        Teeri, 9.12.1459, Rauma, d. Villef
        Truman, 7.4.1462, Rauma, pd. Despe
        Uroskoala, 6.1.1460, Rauma, p. Zors
        Vilkku_wallace, 20.5.1460, Rauma, pd. Elve
        Waldo3, --.11.1458, Rauma, p. Zors
        Wanhapartajysky, 11.12.1460, Rauma, pd. Despe
        Zakiy, 25.10.1461, Turku, pd. Despe


        Davis, 28.12.1457, Rauma, d. Villef † 1458
        Fasue † 1461
        Farn † 28.12.1465, buried ...
        Juhana (1), 12.1.1458, Rauma, d. Villef † 1458
        Johka, 21.9.1458, Rauma, p. Zors † buried 14.7.1465
        Katariina † 1458
        Katri, 25.6.1457, Rauma, d. Villef † 1458
        Maunu † 1458
        Mcempires, 29.7.1457, Rauma, d. Villef † 1458
        Metanolman, 10.9.1457, Rauma, d. Villef † 1457
        Miklupoika, 19.1.1458, Rauma, d. Villef † 1458
        Moxorg, 14.1.1458, Rauma, d. Villef † 1457
        Vige, 29.7.1462, Rauma, p. Juhana † 1464
        Xeros † 1458
        Yrenna, 29.6.1457 † 1458

    Ad Maiorem Dei Gloriam

    Given in Turku, on the 15th of April MCDLXX

    His Excellency
    Albrect Eriksson
    Bishop of Turku

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