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[RP]Cathederal of Saint Lycon

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Inscrit le: 28 Mai 2018
Messages: 1621

MessagePosté le: Sam Fév 23, 2019 2:04 pm    Sujet du message: [RP]Cathederal of Saint Lycon Répondre en citant

                        Cathedral of Saint Lycon
                        Cathederal of the diocese of Lamia

The cathederal of Lamia was representing the traits of greece. Imposant in size, it was catching the eye of one approaching it already from afar. Rich ornaments, fresco tiles and mosaics with pictures of the saints, apostles, aristotles and christos are embedded into the many facettes of the walls. Marble statuettes and rich artistic ornaments showing the fine art of the best stonemasoners of Greece creating a palace to honor the Most High and celebrating the faith in him.

The roof is covered with red chindles a visible sign that differentiates the cathederal from any other building in the area. The pillars of the various aisle corridors are made of marble.
In front of the highest terrace aisle corridor one was able to oversee a large square of marbel and in the center of it a mosaic with the arisotelian cross.

Not only outside but as well inside the cathederal was astonishing to those who enter it. The main halls high ceiling is showing scenes of the book of virtues. The large windows and the light inside of the cathederal were a perfect orchestration creating a special atmosphere within the hall enlighting the mainaltar in perfection while still giving a special light to the smaller altars aligned to each side of the main hall. Not everything was obvious to the common believer while being inside of the cathederal, some of the rich details were perfect optical illusions that created a feeling of divine perfection.
The many levels and various parts of the cathederal served all the purpose to create a unique impression to anybody visiting this temple of the Most High.


Bishop In Partibus of Lamia - Prefect to the Villa of St.Loyat - Expert to the pontificial collages of Heraldry
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Inscrit le: 24 Fév 2013
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MessagePosté le: Dim Fév 24, 2019 2:07 am    Sujet du message: Répondre en citant

    ~ We're all surface until we realize who we really are. ~
      Μαλιακός κόλπος Φθιῶτις Λαμία

      Kalixtus loved the sea. The waves that let the ship from Senigallia glide over the Mediterrenean Sea. He loved the colour and the splash of water that wetted the cardinal's symmetrical face. The three-master he had chosen for this crossing came from the fleet he had anchored in Senigallia. The "Oblivion" was a proud ship and took up speedy passage as the wind was favourable. Kalixtus had the large cabin at the stern of the ship as his own, but he did not work when he sailed across the sea, he breathed, he laughed and absorbed the impressions that this journey exerted on him and also when the weather changed and the ship fought against high waves Kalixtus stood at the bow of the ship in his fluttering white robes with the turquoise hems. He feared nothing and least of all the sea. Then when the first Greek islands came into sight Kalixtus remembered that it had been many years ago that he had been in this area of the world and he had missed it so much. The Greek people was one of those who had survived over the millennia - here you breathed in and out history as well as knowledge. He would find here in the country in which the old apostles had already worked one or the other discovery so much was for sure. For the moment, however, he had arrived on official mission and the Aegean bloomed in the most beautiful colours as in his memory - perhaps even better. But the journey, even if arduous in this time, is worthwhile and so his ship sailed into the Gulf of Malia to the port city Stylis, because this is the closest port to get to Lamia, which was deeper in the Fthiotida, even if only half a day trip. He would enjoy it and already when he left the ship he was greeted inevitably with the hospitality of the region while his crew would remain on the ship, it was Planaxis to distribute the suitcases to the entourage. The carriage as well as the necessary horses had been on board, because he was not sure whether he would have had to travel in the outlying region at the end on a donkey to Lamia. Looking back, it would have been a very funny undertaking. But so it was secured and during Planaxis all this watched over, which would take a while, the Cardinal sat down on the quay wall and watched fishermen patching nets and there comes the said hospitality into play, as the arrival of the Cardinal had apparently got around and he was now offered the regional delicacies as well as a good drop of the house and he was already tempted to be registered in the golden book of the city, there Kalixtus was surrounded by all sorts of people who thought to celebrate his arrival like a feast. Of course in the sense of the Cardinal, who had far too little time for such idleness. In any case, at some point Planaxis had the opportunity to "free" the surrounded Cardinal by dancing his way through to him. So Kalixtus had to say goodbye with a heavy heart and start his journey to Lamia, not without waving and two baskets with food and a big bottle of wine which he was quite into. In the carriage he still giggled while waving out the window and people waved back. In one hand he held a white flower he didn't know, but a young girl had given it to him. Planaxis rolled his eyes as he found his master so amused. What? Kalixtus smiled and tasted the sweet pastry again. I love this country. The carriage found its way to Lamia and over Lamia the big church was enthroned - that will please Jolieen. It had been a good decision, albeit a little in her own interest, to give her a In Partibus here.


Primat of the CESE, Vice-Chancellor of CDF, Praepositus Generalis of the Jesuit Order
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Inscrit le: 28 Mai 2018
Messages: 1621

MessagePosté le: Dim Fév 24, 2019 3:41 am    Sujet du message: Répondre en citant

~Returning to where past, becomes a present future~
          Lamia -Saint Lycon Cathedral

It took her a while obviously to understand the impact of a parchmant out of the hands of the chancellor of the papal chancellery telling the will of noone else but the Pope. Honor was the opposite of pride and that was what the young redblond woman felt when she received that call.
A call for a duty that was asked from her - to be the shepard of a diocese far away from Scotland. But Christos was clear about such things, we have had to give ourselves completly. If our families and friends would not accept our doings on behalf of the Most High, we should pray for them as they are surrounded by the claws of the creature without name telling them to be selfish.
Being present, aware and and most of all active was something that kept pulsing in her young veins. A culture of communication and listen to those around her - all this asked a lot. Not to think of oneself too much, but serving the purpose of the Most High.

She arrived in Lamia and was welcomed by in a carriage from Rome. Getting used to the fact that she now had other options to travel, as she had as well the duty to represent her rang within the Holy Aristotelian Church and the sociaty of Lamia. But she was aware of this and adapted quickly.
A progress that would certainly find its end durring her enthronment.
The carriage was richly decorated with the diocesan arms of Lamia. The people looked astonished each time the carriaged passed travellers who lived in the area. A herald was busy announceing the news of the arrival of the new bishop. Lamia had been without such for a longer while and that made that urge inside of Caillen even bigger to serve the good people of this area as a shepard and guide along their path towards the solar paradise.

Guidance is often needed, a word of huge importance that weight tons in the essence of the aristotelian belief, but she felt that in many places of the world such guidance was obused, blurred and interpreted by false beliefs that made it easier to serve as a shepard, maybe more convienient and more lazy than it should be. But she refused such blurred messages, and she would not bend down to such doings. She was convinced friendship would overcome such doings on the long run.

There was a reason she travelled immediately to her diocese, as one could only judge and make decissions upon things one knew. Making judgements without having seen a perspective thing or without even talking and actively trying to understand a person concerning such thing, was nothing that appealed her own way to execute her office.
Greece was surprisingly friendly, welcoming and liberating different to what she was used to. A spirit and willingness to change and set things into motion, learning about how things really are and trying to understand the essence of it.

Making friends was easy, talking to people and getting to know their habbits was a way to understand the culture itself. A young acolyte catched her eye, Evros was a good servant within the cathederal and familiar with all who kept the diocese running although it had been without a bishop for so long.
Caillen deemed him to be her personal disciple, secretary and in a way servant. Soon the diocese would welcome cardinals and she gave all necessary orders to make sure there was nothing missing to make a good first impression on those who have most likely seen all richness of the world already. Yet she wanted the cathederal to be in its best shape, to make a propiate first impression that would norish not only the eyes of the cardinals but as well the Most High.
Evros made all necessary arrangements, as well as he made sure that not only the new bishop would find a suitable logia to spent the days in Lamia but as well the Cardinals.
While Caillen started to study the parchments and documations about the current status of the diocese, she sat out on a large terrace, next to her some olives and a good wine.


Bishop In Partibus of Lamia - Prefect to the Villa of St.Loyat - Expert to the pontificial collages of Heraldry
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