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[EN] Demonography of Beelzebub

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MessagePosté le: Lun Fév 25, 2019 10:43 pm    Sujet du message: [EN] Demonography of Beelzebub Répondre en citant

Demonography of Beelzebub

The Birth and Childhood of Beelzebub

As Oanylone began its long descent to the abyss of sin and was already sitting on the ruins of virtue, Beelzebub, son of Grodass and Irenaeus, was born. Weighing six kilograms and sixty centimeters, he took many hours to leave his mother's womb and left the latter almost dead with fatigue. Exhausted and bruised in her body, a serious infection prevailed a few days later, leaving the good Grodass struggling with a small monster as big as he was insatiable.This man, a farmer renowned for the quality of his production, known for his kindness and his good nature, did not know how to raise the boy, indeed, so far, only his wife had taken care of this needy business, that was why he decided to take an au pair. His brother Guignol and Pimpon, laughed madly at the coming of this little being who, in the end, only represented one more mouth to feed. Beelzebub was thus breast-fed until the advanced age of five, his father showed him little affection, much too much taken by his work in the fields, but that did not prevent him from growing up raised by a woman hard and chubby, answering to the sweet name of Rita. The woman did not like this child, whom she found ugly and unsightly and added that an infant who had killed his mother to come into the world was already walking on dark roads, so she made life as hard as possible, passing him nothing and teaching him only the minimum.

At around eight, when he was old enough to do without his stepmother, Beelzebub was taken away by Grodass, who decided to have his son accompany him to the fields, just to show him how to grow the grain and teach him some basic principles and values. Thus, every day, whether in rain, wind, or snow, the little man would get up at dawn and accompany his father to cultivate his land. The latter was never stingy with advice, most of which was aimed at making the kid an accomplished peasant:

- "Do you see my son, a penny is a penny, preciously keep the least penny because it is important!"
- "Use your head, damn it! You must learn to sell and trade, otherwise, what will you do with your grain?"
- "Do not forget that if you want to be the best, you have to be convinced that you are the best"
- "Do not think of others, think of yourself because it is you who will manage everything!"
- "Life is like a stew, the less there is, the richer you are!"

It is granted that today, such concepts have little meaning but it does not preclude that these precepts were those which marked the life of this young child. Thus, Beelzebub began very early to understand what made a land a good land, he quickly understood also how to trade and what to play to make the best profits. He did not care about his siblings, preferring to rub shoulders with his father who saw him as a promising successor. The latter often put him forward when he sold the fruit of his labor to the market, telling whoever wanted to hear that he would take his place when he died. This made his older brothers grow up with jealousy and animosity that gradually turned into visceral hatred so that they subjected him to a great deal of abuse and beat and jabbed him every time they passed each other. The young Beelzebub then cultivated an image of himself, sealed in pride and arrogance, thinking that if his own brothers cursed him, it was because he was better than them. The older he got, the closer he got to Grodass and the farther away from Pimpon and Guignol. He had become a prince in the eyes of his father and mortal enemy to his elders. Thus, Beelzebub thought only of himself and his future, he had become indifferent to his relatives, only his father still had his highest esteem.

Ascension and accession to fortune

When he was barely fifteen, his father Grodass, now worn out and aged by decades of work that persisted without fail, came to him. He asked him to sit down and listen to what he had to say to him:

-"My son...I'm old and tired … look at me, I'm bent like an old shrew and I have not enjoyed my good years. You're the only one in the family who can build on what I've built over the years. These lands, my lands, are henceforth yours, and your brothers who cultivate for me, will have to help you. I trust you know how to sell, you know how to grow the best wheat and corn!"

Beelzebub was proud that his father left him everything he had, even though he was ten years younger than his next youngest brother. He could not help asking:

-"But father, what are you going to do with your time now? Will you abandon me as my mother did?"

Grodass had always thought that before the end of his life he would have made great journeys, he knew it was time for him to leave and explained this to his son before leaving the family home forever. He had instructed him to announce this to his brothers and give them each a letter he had written for them. No one heard from him, and no one ever heard any news of Grodass in Oanylone. The young Beelzebub waited until his father had left the family home to tear up the letters he had to hand over and, knowing that his brothers would not be in the opinion of their father, decided at the time to hire a man at arms to protect what had been transmitted to him. He made some connections and found the man who needed him, a freed slave from the north, tall as a tree and strong as a rock, gashed and scarred, naming himself Astaroth. When Pimpon and Guignol returned from the fields, they found a closed door, and Beelzebub appeared behind them with his bodyguard at his side. It was with ferocity and assurance that he told them these few words:

-"Father has gone off! He left me his lands and dwellings, henceforth everything that was his is mine! Out of question, that two shirkers like you, who have benefited shamefully from their father to screw around for years, benefit today from the fruit of his labor. I keep your belongings and the rest, leave! If, unfortunately, you want to return to my lands, I'll send you Astaroth, who will then take you from life to death, so stop and do not come back!"

Beelzebub gestured to Astaroth, who approached the two men, then slapped them and threw them on the ground; the two brothers, put lower than anything, had no choice but to leave without asking for their rest. Thus began the ascent of Beelzebub. He took advantage of what he had learned, replaced his brothers with employees he had exploited on the market and he paid poorly, knowing that he would always have the manpower to accept the work. His fields gave great harvests because he was a connoisseur of cultures, so he began to earn a lot of money. But that was not enough for him, he knew he was the best but wanted more, he had put aside all he had earned and spent only when he was forced. Over the years, he decided to acquire other lands so that he became a great landowner recognized for his sense of commerce and especially for his intransigence in business. His products, he always drew the best profits, and what he earned, he kept at home in a safe, going so far as to avoid spending any money if it was not strictly necessary. For almost ten years, Beelzebub's eyes found grace only in himself, he developed an oversized ego, strutting in Oanylone, saying to whoever wanted to hear him that he was the best and the only one able to produce grain.

At the dawn of his thirties, Beelzebub had acquired, by his intelligence and persuasiveness, half of Oanylone's cereal crops, his home had become a domain and his nest egg had turned into a fortune. Where others were taking advantage of their wealth, he forbade anyone to approach his properties; his faithful Astaroth at his side, he was feared and respected but also envied and frowned upon. Every month, the envoys of the leaders came to see him and asked him if he would not give some of his goods to help the community, each time Beelzebub told them:

- "What? Dilapidate my fortune? I worked hard to amass all this and no one but me will benefit! I'm good and my crops are the best! Get out of my house and tell them that, in my lifetime, they will not have anything from me!"

Thus, each time, the envoys left with discomfited expressions and reported to their rulers, testifying to the selfishness of Beelzebub and his inability to understand the concept of collective interest. To those who rumbled in front of the gates of his domain, the landlord sent his guard to terrorize them. To those who said he had more enemies than friends, Beelzebub replied that he did not care to have friends because they were first and foremost spongers.

The dream and the revelation

Beelzebub was thirty-five years old, and one night, when the heat of the summer had become unbearable, when he had great trouble falling asleep, he had a strange dream. He saw himself walking on a long desert road, alone, no light except the moonlight, no hovel, nothing but this winding road. As he walked aimlessly, a creature made of shadow appeared. Beelzebub stopped and tried to see his face, but he saw only a shadow; when he asked who was facing him, he had only silence to answer. It was when he went on his way that the creature told him:

The shadow : "Beelzebub, Beelzebub, Beelzebub... where are you then?
Beelzebub : "I do not know, I'm going in the dark, I'm going straight ahead."
The shadow : "You go ahead but you do not know where you are going? So you do not want to know?"
Beelzebub : "Know? Know what? Where does this road end?"
The shadow: "No matter where it ends, the important thing is not where, but how!"
Beelzebub : "What do you mean, creature?
The shadow : "What I mean is that you just follow the road that has been laid out for you while you could trace your own route! Leave the beaten track and take another path."
Beelzebub : "But.. I do not see any other path, creature, there is only this road!"
The shadow : "Beelzebub, you're smarter than the others, you're richer than the others, you could have the men at your feet, you can build any road from here, you just have to want it! Use what you have learned, use your knowledge and use cunning to become the strongest in your field, you will see that it is only necessary to want a new road to be offered to you!"

The shadow disappeared in a moment and, facing Beelzebub, a fork had emerged. On one side stood the winding road he had traveled for a long time, on the other, a narrow road, straight and upward. He decided to follow this path, feeling that he knew what was at the end. On awakening in the morning, Beelzebub took care to note the dream that had invaded him during the night. He summoned Astaroth and asked him to follow his orders to the letter. He sent him to the market and ordered him to buy all the grain available and sell it for twice the price he bought it. Then, taken with an incredible frenzy he ordered him to enter every owner of Oanylone's fields and culture to molest them and to force them to sell to him, at the best price, all their crops and their fields. In a few days, Beelzebub managed to become the sole grain producer of Oanylone, but that was not enough for him. To manage his land, he employed at such a low rate, that he did not allow the workers to assuage their hunger; having no alternative, they were forced to accept these dishonest practices. At that, he practiced equally high prices which made wheat and corn so expensive that the whole chain of commodities saw a record of inflation. Wheat and corn were used to make bread and flour, corn was also used to feed animals, and Beelzebub had taken control of most of the market and managed the local economy. Soon, the plebs came to scold and the authorities came to find Beelzebub to show their dissatisfaction. The latter, too happy to see that he aroused such interest, did not even bother to receive them. The man did not leave his domain any more, leaving to his faithful second the management of the dirty work, pretending that he was too important for that and that he could not mix with those lesser in Oanylone. His reputation said that his selfishness was matched only by his fortune, and that soon he would fall from a height. The inhabitants and the rulers decided to react and created a cooperative to compete with Beelzebub, the farmers each gave a portion of their field to replant grains and lower prices, if Beelzebub no longer sold, then perhaps they could deign to receive, they thought. It was much worse.

The advent of a destiny

Faced with such audacity, Beelzebub was so angry that the walls of his house trembled. He ordered his faithful Astaroth to go to the lower quarters to recruit the worst miscreants and thus form a militia to defend his property. He asked him to take the best, and with them, to go to plunder the fields, kill the animals, and burn the homes of those who had joined this cooperative. The day after the night of terror, Oanylone was terrified at the thought of confronting someone who had the power to starve an entire population. The peasants were not soldiers and the militia of Beelzebub even scared the city guards, so that none could deny the evidence of his supremacy. In a few weeks, all came to his house to signify that they accepted his conditions, and so Beelzebub had only to impose what he liked. He forced the farmers to give him a percentage of their income in exchange for acceptable prices on the grain, and those who refused could not feed their animals properly; their cows and their sheep were so starved that they made little meat and milk. It took only a few months for the fortune of Beelzebub to increase exponentially at the cost of many sacrifices from the population of Oanylone. The peasants were now poor and landless, the ranchers had just enough to eat, and the only healthy men were those who had bowed to Beelzebub. The rulers had been bought for large sums of money, while the poorest were starving.
One winter's day, Guignol and Pimpon went to their brother's house, accompanied by many villagers, both of whom were tall and thin, their faces tapered, and they asked for an audience. Beelzebub agreed to hear them :

Guignol : "Beelzebub...we are ruined by your fault, we can not even buy our daily bread … we beg you to help us!"
Pimpon : "I beg you, you are our brother, you can not abandon us..."
Beelzebub : "You two are shabby, you have no quality, and you dare to beg for alms at home?... I will not give you anything if you do not have enough to feed yourselves because you are weak. I am rich, but my fortune is mine, only to me and to no one else"
Guignol : "Think of our father who has been away for so long, is that what he taught you?"
Beelzebub : "I am a self-made man, my little lads! I did not wait for anyone to become who I am. I will not give you any money because you do not deserve it! Those who are starving today are those who do not understand anything."
Pimpon : "Are you not going to stop this madness? Are you going to let so many people die by your selfishness?"
Beelzebub : "My selfishness? I am not selfish, I have succeeded and stirred up jealousy, the ones who lock themselves in their certainties and refuse to acknowledge the evidence. By their lack of foresight, they cause their own loss. Go away and never come back, if you die, you deserve it!“

Pimpon and Guignol left the place discouraged and told the other inhabitants what had been said by the master of the place. All were displeased with such selfishness and understood that nothing would change this man. Beelzebub had become so powerful that he alone amassed more crowns than a king; he could have thrown them out of the windows without suffering any lack, and yet he kept everything and gave nothing. The suffering of his neighbor did not touch him, he had no friend and more enemies than any man had ever known in Oanylone. It was at this time that the Most High manifested his anger towards Oanylone and decided to punish those who had sinned so much that they had forgotten the meaning of life:

"While I gave you my love, you turned away from it, preferring to listen to the words of the creature to whom I did not give a name. You preferred to abandon yourself to material pleasures rather than give thanks. I created for you a place called Hell, that I have arranged on the moon where the worst of you will experience an eternity of torment to punish them for their sins. In seven days your city will be engulfed in flames. And those who stay there will spend eternity in Hell. However, I am magnanimous, and those of you who will do penance will spend eternity in the sun, where Paradise is.“

Thus, a large number of the inhabitants resigned themselves with great regret to leave this now cursed city.

The rebellion

It was at this moment that the nameless creature was once again interested in Beelzebub; the first time he appeared to him in a dream, but this time, he came to whisper in his ears the words here transcribed:

Beelzzzzebub…Beelzzzebuuuub…listen to me! You showed men that you were the strongest, you showed them that the weak had no future among men. Soon, men will come and stand up to you, pretending that love is what binds men, they will talk about friendship and the wrath of the Most High. Do not listen to them because they are only lies and mischief.

Beelzebub, who was not what could be called a believer, had little affinity with those who worshiped the Most High. The rites bequeathed by Oane were unknown to him and, to tell the truth, he found it rather stupid. Six other men had been approached by the nameless creature, each one, like Beelzebub, incarnating a vice, and all of them, preaching against god. Faced with them, seven righteous had given themselves the mission to defend the divine word, to preach friendship, temperance, justice, self-sacrifice, preservation, pleasure, and conviction. For him, laying his destiny in the hands of a divine entity made no sense, one could only rely on oneself and on no one else. Thus, he finally left his home with Astaroth by his side, and he roamed the streets and squares of the city to preach his truth:

Do not listen to those who tell you that the end is near! Do not listen to those who make you believe that god is Almighty! God is weak and jealous of our success. God will never put his threats into action because he will not kill his own children! Do not leave Oanylone; continue to live as you live and send away to those who preach for him!

Many listened to him and listened to the other preachers, and while Oanylone fell into the deepest vice and the most abject sin, Beelzebub kept his wealth and laughed at those who had nothing to live on. He had surrounded himself with faithful men and Astaroth, feared by the majority of those he met. The avarice he showed was unparalleled and those who tried to steal what he owned were brutally killed. Violence was the means he had found to protect himself, while he could have surrounded himself with an army of loyal and sincere men out of friendship, he had locked himself into a selfishness so great that he left even his own brothers starve while a few loaves of bread would have saved their lives. His self-assurance and his presence increased the echo of his oral arguments against god and those who preached for him. Wherever he appeared, his audience was conquered, when there were those who refused to listen to him or tried to refute his words, he ordered them beat unceremoniously, seeing only to his own interest. The city sank totally into the most absolute vice, this now cursed city lived thus dark-filled with hatred, violence, and sins. Beelzebub handled the crowds as well as he traded, he manipulated some with as much success as he handled money. Still he was not doing any of this for the others, no, he was doing it for himself because he felt that everything he had taken so long to build was proof that he was the smartest, he was the richest, because he had known how to become the strongest, and Beelzebub could not imagine for a moment that his destiny was the fruit of a divine will, or at least a god, whoever he is, had any impact on him. According to him, god had left men the choice not to love him and thus, had left the future of the world in the hands of humanity; he did not understand why He came then to claim that we venerate him. With the six other preachers, Satan, Belial, Azazel, Asmodeus, Lucifer and Leviathan, Beelzebub spread the venomous words of the nameless creature with so much fervor and pugnacity that he was convinced that nothing would happen.

The first six days seemed to last forever, thunder rumbled and lightning struck, many decided to leave the city, but as Beelzebub knew it, only the weak bend to the will of others. The virtuous, when they had accepted the punishment of the Most High, had given even more reasons to Beelzebub to shout victory because he made everyone know that if the virtuous remained, it was because they also did not believe in the threats of the Almighty. The seventh day arrived and a gigantic cataclysm occurred, engulfing the city beneath the earth after purifying it from the flames of God's wrath. The few humans left behind were all carried away, those who had listened to the virtuous were accepted in paradise while the others came to swell the ranks of the lunar hell. Astaroth, who had remained with his master, was sent with him and witnessed the punishment which had been reserved for Beelzebub.

An eternity of Avarice

Beelzebub was present before god like every human being who remained in Oanylone; faithful to himself, he refused to recognize His omnipotence and was sent just like his six acolytes to lunar hell. His appearance took the form of his vice and his body was deformed so that he no longer looked like a human. He became the avarice he embodied in Oanylone and took the form of a gigantic spider covered with gold, with thousands of diamond eyes.

Sinners who are avaricious nowadays still use his precepts and steal from the poor to enrich themselves, crush others in order to succeed, amass fortunes that a thousand lives can not spend, they are condemned by god to travel to the galleries of hell, alongside those who caused their loss.

Since then, the demon prince Beelzebub reigns supreme over the galleries and chasms of hell, and the damned souls who have sinned out of greed join him for an eternity of torment under his tyrannical yoke.

Translated from Greek by Bender.B.Rodriguez into french
Translated from French by Caillen Jolieen MacKinnon Rose 1467
edited and finalized by Conradh MacKinnon

His Excellency the Most Reverend Monsignor Prof. Dr. theol. Policarpo von Wittelsbach
Bishop of Würzburg
Archabbot of the Abbey of Heiligenbronn
President and Prefect of the Roman Regular Chapter
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